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The Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Exercises That Burn The Most Calories

By LA Muscle on 23.02.2018 03:42 pm


The following exercises should be considered as important additions to your training plan (if you're not already doing them) as they incorporate several major muscle groups and are very taxing on your body, which makes your body burn more calories. Not only are they great for weight loss but they can also aid lean muscle growth and improve muscle definition as they involve full range of motions from the muscles used, which is important for muscular development.

Box Jumps

Explosive moves like box jumps involve all major leg muscles and make the body work hard to get yourself up and on the box. This plyometric movement is especially popular with athletes and those looking to improve their explosiveness. If you want powerful legs then this exercise should definitely be part of your training plan.


Most people hate burpees for a reason; they're a killer! As a full-body exercise every major muscle is worked and they require a lot of energy, which is why they're a staple in most circuit training plans. Add these into your training plan to torch your body fat.


Mainly a core exercise, a good plank uses a lot of muscle groups in order to maintain stability and in a workout or circuit that includes multiple sets of planks, including variations, will really tax your core, legs and lower back and help burn a lot of calories.

Push Ups

They usually focus on the upper body but you can add variations, such as spiderman push ups, to involve the core and legs. These are one of the best exercises you can do with just your bodyweight and you can also try weighted or clap push ups to make them more challenging.


The king of all exercises, squats involve every muscle group and any form of squat be it front, back, weighted, bodyweight, you name it, will require maximum effort and use a lot of energy to perform. Try and incorporate them into your weekly workouts as any form of them are well worth the effort.

Interval Sprints

You don't need to be spending hours on the treadmill to burn a lot of calories and people tend to get disillusioned when they don't see any results after doing so. Interval sprints such as HIIT require very little time, 10 – 20 mins, and can boost your fat loss in no time.

Eccentric Training

Eccentric motion is the part of an exercise where the muscle is lengthened, as opposed to contracted. For example on a bicep curl, this is the part when you're lowering the weight back to the starting position. Try mixing up your training with a steady faster movement on the contraction and a slow lengthening of the muscle, up to 5 seconds, and this should involve more muscle fibres and put the muscle under more stress. This will work them harder and force them into more growth.

Pull Ups

No matter how good you get at them pull ups are always challenging and require maximum effort to perform. Add variations such as weighted or muscle ups and they become even more difficult, even for experts. You'll mainly benefit from back development with this exercise but performed with strict form will also engage your core, shoulders and keep the upper arms and forearms toned.

Kettlebell Swings

These are a great full body exercise and are very popular in circuit training plans. They help develop a super strong posterior chain with focus on hamstrings, glutes, quads, shoulders and core. These never get easy as you can keep increasing the weight to keep challenging yourself and increase your strength and explosive power.

Jumping Lunges

Lunges are challenging by themselves but when you add in the jumping element they take on a whole new aspect. With a lower body focus on strong hamstrings, glutes and quads, this exercise incorporates your core and upper body when jumping in order to generate power and force to complete the moves. Try adding this as a finisher to a superset to get the full benefits.

Mountain Climbers

A popular circuit exercise, mountain climbers are a great lower body and core workout and do also incorporate the upper body to aid balance and stability. Done at a good tempo it is a very effective fat burning tool, especially when done in a circuit with a few other challenging exercises to work your body hard.

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