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By LA Muscle on 19.01.2015 10:20 am


Even the most average male will get noticed by both women and male admirers with 2 attributes. One is big arms and the other is a six pack. The six pack is relatively easy to achieve, yet it eludes so many people. Do you know why? One word: Discipline. Let’s find out how you can get a decent set of abs by April 2015….

First of all, endless sit-ups and crunches will NOT give you abs. If you truly want abs, then you need to look at your whole regime.

Diet & Eating

You need to reduce your carbohydrate intake from its current level by 70%. Try and eat most of your carbs (pasta, rice, bread, fruit) early in the day. Most of your meals should be protein with some salad and vegetables. If you eat early enough (before getting hungry) then you will not feel like eating carbs or junk food. Don't eat carbs after 1 p.m. and don't eat anything 3 hours before sleep. Just drink water.

Avoid all saturated fats and cut out all junk foods. If you feel hungry, have some almonds or a spoon of peanut butter. Drink 2 litres of water a day.


April is not to far away. You need to start your cardio regime today. 45-120 minutes of one exercise per day. This can be running, stepper, rowing, cycling, and swimming. Don’t over-do it and don’t go too slow. Cardio will burn body fat. If you want your abs to show, you need to burn the fat you have.

Other things...

No Snacking. No soya. No alcohol. No drugs. No fruit juice.

Just try being disciplined for once! Have eggs and low fat cheese for breakfast. Then just water until lunch.

Lunch can be chicken, lean meats, fish with some vegetables. Then only water until an early dinner. Dinner can be the same as lunch. Consider fruit as your 30% carb source. Ideally, fruit intake should be reduced or should at least be consumed at meal times and not as a snack.

The Six Pack Pill

Not everyone is in their teens or blessed with amazing genetics. This means that seeing your six pack abs is always going to be an uphill battle. Some days you are close, some days further away. Discipline is the key and nothing cements discipline in weak individuals more than actually seeing some results.

This is where the Six Pack Pill comes in. It actually gives you noticeable results and really accelerates the whole process of getting your six pack out. A product like Six pack Pill Extreme has been specifically designed to block out all fat absorption and gets to work on burning lots of body fat that would otherwise take months to shift.

If you have had a six pack in the past, then you know the feeling: The sexual energy when you are with a partner, the admiration from others, the confidence and the happiness you feel in yourself. You are the king. You did it. Zoran at LA Muscle’s Sponsorship Team has to keep a six pack all year round as he is an example to others (and we have told him he will lose his job if he loses his six pack lol :)

Now it’s your turn!





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