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6 Facts About Weight Loss

Why It's Harder For Some Than Others

By LA Muscle on 01.05.2018 04:51 pm


Do you ever wonder why some people take ages to lose weight and some lose it effortlessly? There are others who never lose weight no matter how hard they try. This might seem frustrating but what if there are proven facts as to why this is. Perhaps it's not just down to the food we eat or the training we do. Let's take a look at some of the facts.


The type of people we see who have naturally great looks and impressive physiques are the lucky people blessed with great genes. That's not to say that they haven't worked hard for their physiques but it's proven knowledge that those people haven't had to work as hard as others with lesser genes to reach their goals. The genes we inherit from our ancestors are a complete lottery, decided at random, with 40-70% of the effect on our weight being down to variation in our genes. There's nothing we can really do about this, apart from work as hard as possible with what we were given.


A major factor in weight loss can be down to microbes in the gut. These are tiny organisms that are fundamental to our digestive systems and are affected by everything we put into our bodies. A diverse range of gut microbes is required to optimise our digestive health and the best way to keep this diverse is to maintain a healthy diet, full of varied sources of fibre. If you're unsure of this, a good recommendation would be to double your daily green vegetable intake and ensure you get your RDA of fruit and vegetables.


A lot of weight loss comes down to your mentality. If you don't have the required will power or determination then this will greatly hinder your progress. One of the best ways to help overcome this is to train your brain over time to go against what it's been taught about food and re-program it with healthier habits. For example, instead of large portion sizes for meals try using a slightly smaller plate. This will reduce the calories and you won't even notice the reduced serving. Another way is to substitute unhealthy ingredients and sugar for healthy alternatives and sugar-free or diet versions.


Our internal body clock plays an important role with how the body processes calories. The body is set-up to be a lot more efficient with calories during the day than in the evening, which is why it is recommended to try and eat the majority of your calories during the day. During the night our bodies struggle to break down fats and sugars so eating them up until around 7-8pm can limit fat stored by the body through late night calorie consumption. Try and get the majority of your calories in your breakfast and lunch with a light dinner to aid digestion.


Most of our lives the majority of us will eat or drink things and react to them without knowing why and continue to have them. A lot of people are doing something about it and food intolerance tests are becoming more popular as people look to eliminate things from their diet that causes health and digestive issues and helps them to lead a healthier life and achieve their health and fitness goals. If you suspect you might have a food tolerance and want to do something about it then we recommend finding a reputable source and arranging a test with them. Eliminating some food types from your diet may be exactly what you need to reach those weight loss goals.


Our hormones play an important role in our weight loss as they can control how full or hungry we feel at any given time. A good way to try and control this is to not allow yourself to get too stressed or this will cause weight gain. Also, try and do what you can to keep your estrogen and testosterone levels stable. You can always add a good testo booster, such as Norateen Heavyweight II, to help keep them maintained.

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