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2-1-2 Step Weight Loss Regime

A new concept in weight loss with results in as little as 2 days

By LA Muscle on 27.05.2015 09:00 pm


This is a new concept in weight loss which seems to work for many people. The idea is to try and reduce your weight gradually and definitely but without suffering. It’s easy and anyone can follow it for very good results which can be seen within 2 days.

The theory behind the 2-1-2 Step Weight Loss is to try and bring your weight down over 2 days and then have an easy day of maintenance. Then another 2 days of bringing it down some more and then 1 day of maintenance. You will follow this routine for as long as you want until your weight is where you want it to be. Then you will follow a low carb/low sugar regime.

2 Step

This is the first 2 days where you will be starving your body of certain foods and forcing it to go and look for energy in your fat cells. On the 2 Step days, you will lose a fair amount of weight, fast!

Both days will be protein days and you cannot cheat.

Day 1

212 Step Weight Loss

Breakfast - A cup of tea, coffee or latte, cappuccino, ideally with skimmed milk. If you have a sweet tooth, have it with sweetener.

If you are hungry, have another cup but no sugar.

During the day, drink one glass of water every 1-2 hours.

Lunch - Lean Steak, or tuna, fish, chicken breast, eggs or any type of lean meat. If you are a vegetarian then a big tofu steak will do or some cheese. No carbohydrates and no sugars. No fruit. No vegetables.

If you get very hungry during the day, you can have some low/no fat cheese.

Dinner - Same as lunch.

If you are very hungry before sleep, you can have some skimmed milk or low/no fat cheese or boiled eggs.

Day 2

Exactly the same as day 1.

By the end of day 2, some people lose as much as 2-3 kilos of weight!

PRECAUTIONS - This is not for everyone. If you don’t feel well, stop and seek medical advice. You may experience some side effects by following this diet such as blurred vision, tiredness, mood swings, weakness and so on. It is normal, as you are starving your body of instant energy and your body is not used to it.

1 Step

This is where you go back to normality a little bit.

Breakfast - Porridge, toast, eggs or corn flakes. Tea, coffee, whatever you fancy with or without sugar, sweeteners. Fruit juice etc are all ok. The rule here though is not to over-eat. You should aim to eat 1/2 of what you usually have for breakfast.

Mid morning - If you are hungry you can have some low/no fat cheese or a handful of almonds.

Lunch - Anything you like but try and have 1/2 (half) of your normal portions.

Mid Afternoon - Almonds or low fat cheese.

Dinner - Anything you like but ideally higher in protein and lower in carbs. For example, you can have a steak with salad or with vegetables.

RULE - No sweets, candy, pastry, chocolate and not too much fruit juice or too many fruits. A glass of water is to be drunk every 1-2 hours.

This is the 2-1-2 Step Weight Loss Regime! It is a program that works wonders and is not too hard on the body. You will follow this routine until you reach your desired weight. So you would do 2 days of the protein days and 1 of eating anything you like (as above) but half the portions…. 2 days of protein and 1 of anything you like and so on.

A point to note though is that no diet can give you results forever. Once your each your desired weight you will then want to have a healthy balanced diet with low carbs and low sugars, higher protein, lots of vegetables and a fair amount of fruit.

Aerobic exercise will always give you quicker results, brisk walking, running, swimming, rowing, cycling are all good. Supplements such as Thermo24 Intense will also ensure that you see results faster and keep on track. Give the 2-1-2 Step Weight Loss program a go from tomorrow and see results within 2 days. It’s free and the only pre-requisite is that you must not have a pre-existing medical condition and that if you do not feel well whilst doing it, you must stop and seek medical advice. Stay tuned for more exclusive regimes from LA Muscle.



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