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20-Minute Kettlebell Workout to Keep Your Fat-Burning Going

Fast Results In No Time

By LA Muscle on 28.10.2020 04:09 pm


This workout is lifesaver if you want to get a workout in with limited time available and all you need is as little as a single kettlebell and 20 minutes of your time. It will burn a ton of calories and stoke your fat-burning furnace for hours to come.

You’re going to be doing the workout in an EMOM format. For those not down with the lingo, that means performing an exercise ‘every minute on the minute'. So all you have to do is carry out as many kettlebell swings as possible in the first minute, then as many push presses as you can in the second minute and max-out on goblet squats in the third. You get to rest for the entirety of the fourth minute, before starting the sequence again with the swings. Repeat for 5 full rounds which should be 20 minutes.

An easy way to monitor the time is to simply start a running stopwatch and change moves at the start of each minute until you hit 20 minutes.

1. Kettlebell Swing for max reps

Holding the kettlebell between your legs, initiate the movement by hinging your hips back like you’re trying to push a door open with your glutes. swinging the weight back, before driving your hips forward explosively to lift the kettlebell to shoulder height, bracing your core. Let the momentum bring you straight back down into the next rep.

2. Kettlebell Push Press for max reps

Start with the kettlebell racked at your shoulder. Take a breath and brace your core. Dip at the knees and use your legs to help press both weights overhead to lockout. Lower under control and repeat. Focus on keeping your head up and breathing. Switch arms after 30 seconds.

3. Kettlebell Goblet Squat for max reps

Hold your kettlebell close to your chest. Sink your hips back and descend into a squat. Your elbows should come in between your knees at the bottom. Drive back up, tensing your glutes at the top. Repeat.

4. Rest for a full 60 seconds

After that, go back to the kettlebell swings at the start of the next minute and keep going in that same sequence until the 20 minutes is up.



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