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Incredible story of the world’s strongest Bench Presser who became a millionaire!

The true story of Mike Joseph

By Parham Donyai on 20.12.2018 11:42 am


Mike Joseph taking his Norateen

One of the earliest people we sponsored was Mike Joseph. It’s going back a bit but I think LA Muscle started sponsoring him back in 1998. Mike at the time was pound for pound the strongest Bench Presser in the world. He wasn’t a huge guy but boy was he strong. He used to take several supplements to keep his strength up including Norateen Heavyweight II, which is still one of LA Muscle’s top supplements.

In those days before LA Muscle exploded in growth, I would spend a lot of my personal time with sponsored athletes. Mike was a genuine guy and we got on well. We made a great video called The Bench Press King about him, his life and his lifting techniques.

I personally went to some of the European championships with Mike too. I particularly remember a great trip with him and his friends where we hired a car and did a nice tour around Milan and surrounding areas. Northern Italy is so beautiful. We then went to the Championships where Mike won several categories.

Now, the interesting thing about Mike is not his body! His mind is actually a very interesting one! Having come back from several motorsport crashes and injuries and being stuck in his 9-5 insurance job, Mike decided to turn his life around and left his job.

Mike Joseph Bench Press King

He started a company called Right Choice Insurance Brokers (RCIB) a few years back. He applied the same mental strength he had for sports to his business and worked with the same dedication and determination.

Mike and I have stayed in touch over the years and I consider him a good friend. In fact, recently when he bought his first Ferrari, I travelled to London to meet him and share his special moment with him. Mike could have bought his first Ferrari several years ago by the way, but being humble and believing in taking his time, he waited!

Mike is one of those people that should be a role model for most people. If you are young he could be a great role model for you; he is someone that LA Muscle is extremely proud to have been associated with. Not only did he excel in his chosen sports, came back from severe injuries and fought every step of the way, he went on to become one of the most successful business people the UK has ever seen.

Recently Mike sold a small share of his company RCIB for £28m!!! Isn’t that amazing? I have shared this personal story with you because I believe and have always believed that anything is possible and Mike’s story is a great example. If you like stories like this, click like on this article and I will do more.

Yours in training

Parham Donyai

Founder, LA Muscle

Parham Donyai

Parham Donyai


Parham Donyai is the founder of LA Muscle, having established the company in 1997. He has been a qualified complimentary medicine practitioner of almost 30 years.
Parham is a very successful serial entrepreneur with companies in various fields worldwide. Parham is an author, motivational speaker and mentor to businesses and individuals.



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