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What Happens With ZERO Sugar, Caffeine & Alcohol?

How Your Body Reacts

By LA Muscle on 08.03.2019 05:11 pm


Let’s face it, most of us, in some form or another, enjoy lots of food and drink that usually contains sugar, caffeine or alcohol. In moderation there is nothing wrong with including all of them in your diet. Staying mostly with a healthy balanced diet you should be able to enjoy having them as part of your lifestyle. However, being addictive dietary items, when they’ve suddenly been taken out of your diet you can experience withdrawal-like symptoms, but these can be profoundly outweighed by the many health benefits.


Caffeine can be beneficial when used in certain ways, however it is extremely addictive and is known to increase anxiety levels. This is because it affects the adenosine receptors in our brain and because it stimulates the adrenal glands. Quitting coffee or caffeine can make you feel less anxious, especially if you are prone to anxiety issues. When coming off caffeine for a detox or completely, withdrawal cravings can peak around 2-3 days and last for up to 7 days. It will largely depend on how much caffeine you were consuming each day. The higher the amount, the longer it takes to get it out of your system.


Alcohol is widely consumed and a part of social culture for a lot of people however there are many benefits to be had when taking a break or giving up alcohol completely. Your body will benefit greatly from giving up alcohol, including weight loss, better hydration, improved sleep, increased productivity and improved daily wellbeing. Along with those benefits, your organs such as your liver, stomach and skin will also have benefitted from not dealing with alcohol. The acute withdrawal symptoms typically last 3-7 days.


We’ve left sugar for last for a reason, with the reason being that it’s definitely the most popular of the three. Sugar is found in most things we consume, in one form or another, and sugar cravings can last for weeks, months, and even years! It might be extremely hard to begin with but in the long term a zero-sugar diet has a ton of health benefits including weight loss, increased and prolonged energy, clearer skin, reduced mood swings, reduced inflammation, reduced risk of digestive conditions and a reduced risk for type 2 diabetes.



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