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Most Effective Sports for Weight Loss

Proven to burn body fat!

By LA Muscle on 23.02.2017 04:56 pm


There are many different types of exercises we can do to lose weight. Endless hours doing weights or cardio can yield great results but can become boring and repetitive. The best way to stay motivated and hitting those fitness goals is to keep things interesting and mix up your training. A popular way of doing this is to add a sport to your training regime and with so many out there to chose from you're bound to find one that suits you.


Ranked as the best form of weight loss due to it's overall health benefits as well as general fat loss, swimming has endless benefits. In just 30 minutes you can burn up to 488 calories and it will also help improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance, posture, muscle strength and flexibility. A swim once or twice per week will help loosen up all your tight muscles and help increase mobility. Due to physical exertion it also improves aerobic capacity and utilises every muscle in the body resulting in increased muscle tone.


The world's most popular sport is well renowned for the athleticism of it's players which is mainly due to the physical demands required. Just 30 minutes of football can burn up to 475 calories with a full 90 minute game burning over 1000 calories! Whether you join a local team or just play 5-a-side a couple times per week, the health benefits are endless with increases to aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health, improved muscle tone and flexibility. Overall health is also improved due to shifts between walking, running, jumping and sprinting.


Due to it's convenient nature and fast results, boxing is already an extremely popular method of weight loss amongst regular gym goers. 30 minutes of boxing will burn 400 calories and can be performed anywhere and will little or no equipment. With benefits such as increased aerobic capacity, cardiovascular health, co-ordination and stamina it's no surprise more and more people are taking up the sport. If boxing doesn't take your fancy there are similar benefits from trying another form of combat training like MMA, which is a current hot favourite, or perhaps one of the more traditional martial arts such as Karate or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).


You only have to take one look at 6-time Olympic gold medal cyclist Sir Chris Hoy to know that you don't need to be a bodybuilder to develop a strong physique. Cycling is suitable for everyone, of all ages and fitness levels, and in only 30 minutes you can burn up to a whopping 700 calories! It's also great for improving aerobic endurance, heart health and builds strong legs as most of the focus is on the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles. Whether you prefer to do a spinning class or take it out to the road, a few sessions per week will do wonders for your weight loss goals.


Known as one of the best full-body exercises, rowing, in any form, is one of the best things you can do to lose weight and increase muscle tone. Whatever the level and whether on a rowing machine in the gym or in a team boat on a river, you can burn up to 377 calories in 30 minutes and will work all major muscle groups for an excellent full body workout. Rowing will build a strong core, upper body and powerful legs as well as increase your explosive power and endurance.


A great total body workout, you will develop fantastic balance and a rock solid core due to the physical demands. Do you ever see very muscular surfers? We didn't think so, which is one of the main reasons why Surfing is a highly effective option for fat burning. In 30 mins of surfing you can burn 300 calories it can enhance your energy and fitness levels. As well as being an enjoyable way to be outside exercising in the elements, it's a great way to achieve total body conditioning and cardiovascular strengthening.


There's a reason you always see basketball players drenched in sweat from the first quarter. In just 30 minutes you can burn up to 373 calories whilst a full game will burn over 700 calories! Basketball is great for developing physical fitness and the fast paced action of a typical basketball game develops speed, hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular endurance. If you can't find a local team to play for, most parks should have at least a basketball half court and small-sided games will help you burn fat quickly and improve flexibility and stamina.


Not for the faint hearted, Rugby is a high contact, demanding sport where no inch is given. That being said, it provides endless health benefits such as increases in cardiovascular health, aerobic capacity, muscle tone and mobility. You can burn up to 350 calories in just 30 minutes so a full 80 minute game can burn over 1000 calories! A similar sport, American Football, will burn a similar amount of calories and is also a great alternative.


You don't need to be the king or queen of the slopes to know that skiing, although seeming effortlessly graceful, is a great workout. Yes you do have to brave the extreme elements to get out and do it but it's a worthy effort with up to 350 calories burned in a 30 minute session. Skiing is an excellent total body workout focused mainly on building strong legs, core and arms with maximum effort required to move around the slopes through the thick snow. Increases in endurance, aerobic capacity, muscular performance, flexibility and overall general health are all good reasons to get your skis out!


Anyone for Tennis? Whether playing singles or doubles and whatever the level, Tennis is a very enjoyable sport that has a whole host of health benefits. Improved hand-eye coordination, helping develop muscle tone and increased flexibility are some of the main ones with aerobic endurance and overall health and stamina also benefiting. Top level Tennis players are extremely fit as this demanding sport can burn up to 311 calories in just 30 minutes with an average Tennis match burning well over 1,200 calories!

Some other great options which only just missed out on the list include Water Polo, Squash, Baseball, Skating, Gymnastics and Parkour.



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