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Are Distractions Ruining Your Workout?

Put your Gym Distractions to Bed, Starting Now!!

By LA Muscle on 25.10.2017 03:48 pm


In this day and age it's very likely that when you get to the gym that there will be certain distractions in your way that will be preventing you from working out to your full capability.

These 'certain distractions' can very easily take you off and effect your abilities to make the gains you desire. However there is a fix to every distraction that you may face and ensure you get the result you are seeking, which will be outlined below.

Your Phone
Without a doubt the most common distraction in the gym for many is their phones. This little device has the ability to drag your gym visit into twice the intended time. If it's not a call, it's a message, if it's not a message it's an alert or something from your social media the list is simply endless.

You need to consider leaving your phone in the locker or even back at home or in the car. I

If this is too much then turn it on silent mode. It won't kill you to do this for an hour and it's always good to switch off for a while and give some time to yourself.

Gym distractions

We see it all the time, people in the gym talking to one another forgetting about the workout. This can affect results big time! During the time you're taking, your heart rate will decrease and your body will cool down which means you are basically starting from scratch.

You simply need to cut people off politely and in a friendly way. Before the conversation gets going, point out that you don't have long and that you need to finish what you came for which is the workout and you can catch up with them later. It will be worth it in the end, you'll see.

Gym distractions

Looking for the perfect song
Everyone seems to be fiddling with their smart phones or music player looking for the perfect song to get them motivated for the working set. This tends to happen most when you get board of a particular play-list or it becomes to repetitive.

Scanning through songs must be one of the most common and biggest distractions faced at the gym, no doubt.

The best way to overcome this is to update your play-lists regularly and add in songs weekly and getting rid of the old ones. Keep it fresh and new as you don't want to be stuck with the same old songs every workout which can be a distraction rather then a motivator.

Gym distractions

People sweating
It tends to happen a lot but a very common problem seems to be that people around you have some wicked body odor that can very well put you off your workout effecting your concentrating.

To overcome this you need to move, relocate. Don't let someone else put you off from your workouts, it just takes seconds to find another spot and continue blasting your workout.

Your Headphones
We have all been there, picking up a dumbbell to do a set only to find our headphone wires getting all tangled up and putting you off your stride. Or you wear earphones instead of headphones and they constantly fall off your ear.

Simply go wireless. It will make your workouts more intense if you don't have to stop every second to play around with annoying wire cords. Or instead of earphones just get some wireless headphones to eliminate both distractions together.

A Busy Gym
The last thing you want is to change your routine because all the equipment you want use are being used or there is little space in the gym that may be invading your space.

You need to adjust your workout time to try and go during non-peak hours. For example going in the morning instead of the evenings may be a better option. For some it can be harder but the results will justify the change.

Gym distractions

Put these distractions right and you will certainly be going in the right directions. Quite simply, don't let distractions affect your workout and fitness quest, it'snot worth it. Leave it for another time.



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