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The Benefits Of A Power Nap

Boost Your Productivity 100%

By LA Muscle on 14.03.2018 04:35 pm


As time passes during the day our energy levels drop significantly and with it, our productivity. Depending on what you're doing, be it at work, running errands, travelling, etc we try lots of different things to keep those energy levels stable. Tea and coffee are popular choices and so are snacks or fruit, but sometimes none of these have any effect whatsoever. Sometimes they can even contribute to the fleeting energy levels. So what other options are there?

If you've tried the usual options with no success then it's about time you tried the “power nap”.

There have been many significant studies that prove a short nap not only boosts alertness and cognitive memory function, but also can make up for the loss of one hour of night-time sleep.

We all love to sleep but there's an art to napping. A lot of it will depend on how much time you have and how you want to feel when you wake up. Fear not, if you only have a short amount of time we've broken down the benefits for each one.

10-20 Minutes

This duration will help boost your energy and alertness. Being short, it will however limit you to the lighter stages of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, which will easily help you to wake up feeling refreshed. The results of this nap vary greatly with some people benefiting from it whilst others found no difference at all.

30 Minutes

This nap has similar benefits to a shorter nap, however it may cause Inertia (grogginess), which most people will be familiar with as a hangover-type feeling where you have no idea where you are or what century it is. This feeling can last for up to 30 minutes AFTER waking up. So if the nap is taken at work with the intention of boosting productivity we'd urge you to reconsider!

60 Minutes

This nap can also cause Inertia after waking up, however as well as the benefits gained from shorter naps, comes with the added benefits of improving your cognitive memory function, helping you to better remember names, numbers, dates, facts, etc. It's a bit too long a duration to be considered a power nap and would most likely not be able to be done when at work, unless you planned on skipping lunch, however it's a great option for weekends, days off or even work from home days as it has a lot of benefits.

90 Minutes

This duration is certainly too long to be considered an option on a workday if you're limited on time, but if you're not this nap is a full sleep cycle which includes the lighter and deeper stages of sleep. This means the inclusion of rapid eye movement (REM), which is linked to dreaming. This nap is highly beneficial as it helps boost creativity as well as your emotional and procedural memory. You should also wake up feeling refreshed due to the full sleep cycle.

So Which One Is Best?

As it turns out, based on some most recent studies, for a short power nap the sweet spot tends to be 23-25 minutes. It takes the average person 3-5 minutes to fall asleep and studies have shown the greatest benefits come from a solid 20 minute snooze. Also, to reduce the risk of grogginess, it was recommended to have a coffee 5-10 minutes before the nap so the caffeine will take affect once you wake up, boosting your alertness and energy levels in combination with the nap making it easier to hit the ground running!

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