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An Important Fitness Habit

Many People Fail To Do This

By LA Muscle on 12.02.2019 01:13 pm


We all know there’s always something we can be doing better in order to make ourselves more efficient and better athletes, but what if one thing is so simple it’s constantly overlooked?

Well the task in question is keeping a track of everything you do in order to reach your health and fitness goals. Keeping a fitness journal is one of the most important fitness habits you should have.

A journal is a lot more important than just recording what you recently ate or how many reps you did on your last exercise. A fitness journal keeps track of everything you want it to in terms of your health and fitness. If done correctly, it will act as a blueprint that you can refer to. For example, if you need to get back in shape and remember a time when you were in great shape and had your fitness journal from that time that you could simply follow again to get back into that shape would you not want to use it? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t?!

Even if it’s just to keep a track of your progress you should get into a habit of taking a notebook or small notepad into the gym with you and start logging your workouts. Every set, every rep and PB should be accounted for. If you’d prefer something new-gen there are a whole range of apps available that you can use on a smartphone to log everything that way.


Get a blank notebook and give it a title, something meaningful that gives it importance. After all, it will become a part of you being used and referred to several times per day. Section it according to what you want to keep a track of. This can be diet, weight, training, sleep, etc. You can also find these fitness notebooks being sold online so you can order and use one of those if you would find that more useful.

Your daily entries should include as much detail as possible, everything from how much water you drank to how you were feeling at different times of the day. This will later provide you with key information that you might not think is important at the time, but will definitely be worth noting down. If you constantly feel a certain way after a specific exercise or meal then it can help you pinpoint what the cause could be so it will help you detect anything that will affect your health and training. As well as making a note of your reps and sets for a workout, mentioning how you felt and if you slept well or had a lack of sleep would help you more accurately track your training development.

Start small and stay consistent is the best advice anyone could offer when getting started. It doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. Over time, you will come up with a system that suits you and as long as you’re accurately tracking your health and fitness then you’ll be well on the way to ensuring that you stay in control of your goals and do what you need to do in order to see the success you desire!



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