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8 Tips For Better Water Consumption

Optimise Your Hydration

By LA Muscle on 21.03.2019 04:59 pm


1. Start your day with lukewarm water

To kick-start your day and refuel your body, a glass or two of water is the only best option. It will help you to remove toxins, clean urinary tract, and activate your internal organs. Lukewarm water with honey and lemon will help you to maximise the benefits. Take your breakfast at least half an hour after the first glass of water.

2. Before meal

Drink one glass of water 30 minutes prior to your meal to smoothen your digestion. It will also help you with weight loss. This ‘on right time’ water will help your body to absorb nutrients.

3. After meal

You should not drink water immediately after the meal; it may dilute the digestive juices essential for digestion. It is also advised not to drink water during your meal. The best time is an hour after your meal.

4. Before bath

A glass of water before bath will help you to lower your blood pressure and regulate the body temperature.

5. Before bed

An hour prior to bed will help you replenish any kind of fluid loss during sleep. But if you are patient of a kidney stone or heart problem, it is advised to avoid this glass. It may put extra pressure and weaken these organs.

6. Drink plenty of water if you are pregnant

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers require more water than normal people. About 10 glasses of water is a good quantity for them.

7. Before Workout and after the workout

Water prevents tiredness also helps to circulate nutrients in the body, therefore before the workout, one must drink water but not very before to workout.

As well it is must to consume water after the workout. It will maintain the fluid level in the body and regulate your heart rate.

8. If you are sick or around sick people

You should drink plenty of water when you fall sick or around people who are. It will help to wash away germs and viruses as well the bacterial or viral invaders your body may infect off.



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