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5 Foods & Drinks That Lower Testosterone Levels

Make A Note & Avoid If Possible

By LA Muscle on 11.12.2019 05:01 pm


Testosterone is the key hormone when it comes to developing lean muscle so its important that your body is naturally producing as much of it as possible in order to achieve your health and fitness goals. Knowing what and what not to eat can be a minefield at the best of times but these following foods are known to rapidly lower testosterone levels. Whilst they should be avoided at all costs, if that isn’t possibly, at least restrict your intake of them if you are serious about achieving your desired goals.


The same endorphins that are released during your consumption of alcohol, making you feel good in the process, are the chemicals responsible for destroying your testosterone levels. Those liquid calories not only wreak havoc to your health in many different ways, but they will also contribute to your gut, rapidly expanding waistline which in turn further lowers your testosterone.


Soy might be a great alternative to milk but unfortunately the relationship between soy and testosterone is fraught with scientific conflict. Multiple studies published in journals such as Human Reproduction claim soy decreases sperm count and lowers testosterone. Research from Colorado State University recently linked soy consumption to a high amount of a chemical in the gut called equol, which shuts down the production of testosterone.


You may enjoy the odd pastry and one as a treat at the end of the week with your morning coffee is unlikely to have a substantial effect on your diet but having them often is a big no-no. They still contain trans fats and those oils are found in products like the margarine used in buttery baked goods, which have been proven to wreak havoc upon your testosterone production by the British Journal of Nutrition.


The drinks you consume daily need to be vigilantly vetted if you’re going to keep your body performing at its best. A study from Oxford University gave 75 men a 75g dose of pure sugar and on average, the men suffered a 25% drop in their testosterone levels. If you consider that one can of full-fat coke contains 39g of refined sugar, it’s not hard to acknowledge just how easy it is to consume over 75g each day by accident.


Sometimes you think you’re being healthy and add seeds to your diet it can be tricky to know exactly what all of them do. Although the seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, studies by the Duke University Medical Centre in the US found flax is rich in a chemical called lignan, which contributed to the reduction of testosterone in all the male participants.

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