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Can I take this with that?

One of the most frequently asked questions from LA Muscle is whether you can take this supplement with that? For example "Can I take Norateen Heavyweight II with Norateen Gold?" "Can I take Norateen Heavyweight II with Fat Stripper Intense?" etc etc

The answer is that you can take ANY combination of LA Muscle supplements together and they will not harm you or cancel each other out or be too much. Obviously, within reason! You cannot take 10 supplements together at the same time. You can take up to 5-6 together quite safely. This applies to LA Muscle supplement combinations. We cannot advise on combining LA Muscle with other brands as we don't know what they put inside their tubs.

So be assured that whether you have purchased a muscle builder, several muscle builders, a fat burner or protein from LA Muscle, you CAN combine them together.

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