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Can I take fat burning and muscle gain products at the same time?

Gain muscle and lose fatYes you most certainly can. LA Muscle have designed several supplements specifically for this goal.

You basically have two choices. You can either take one or several supplements from the Muscle Gain category (such as Norateen Heavyweight II) and one or several from the Fat Loss category (such as Fat Stripper) at the same time. Or you can take specific supplements which have been designed to help you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time such as Sculpt.

However for BEST results, it is always advisable to achieve ONE goal first and then go for the other. For example, get as big as possible first, then shred. Or Shred and then get big. This is to stop you from pushing and pulling and getting slower results. i.e. eating to get huge, yet needing to eat less to get ripped.

If you are adamant that you want both goals at the same time, then you can take something like Norateen Heavyweight II and Fat Stripper Intense together.

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