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SHOCKING: Women who lift when pregnant

Should you be lifting heavy in the gym?

By LA Muscle on 20.05.2016 09:42 am


Should you lift weights if you are pregnant?

There are two sides to this argument. The lady lifters who hit the gym, sometimes all the way into the 9th month say it is perfectly fine. Their argument is that it keeps them fit, healthy and that it helps their pregnancy. They also believe that because they are “used” to lifting in the gym, all is fine.

The crucial part here is that these women are used to going to the gym. If you were to suddenly start going to the gym into your 4th or 5th month, then it may be a different story!

In the “no camp” you have doctors and physiotherapists who point out that during pregnancy, hormones make your ligaments and tendons weaker - making you more susceptible to injuries . Added to this, the fact that carrying large or heavy objects can put your back or pelvis out of place or strain them. If you lift more than 10kgs more than 10 times a day, you may develop problems with your pelvis during pregnancy.

As your belly expands, your centre of gravity shifts more forward, which can make it easier to fall. Experts also say that if you lift heavy during the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy especially from the waist, it increases your chances of a miscarriage.

Whether you go to the gym during your pregnancy or lift heavy is really your choice. Some gym-obsessed mums will do it anyway and swear by it. At the end of the day, it is your pregnancy and your baby but to be on the safe side, it is probably best not to lift heavy items including gym weight when you are pregnant. Below are some ladies for whom this advice fell on deaf ears!

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