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How not to let haters get in your way

Reach your goals

By LA Muscle on 09.09.2021 07:23 am


Stop haters

Social media has made it easy for people to criticise you and make you feel bad. You could be feeling great one morning, sharing your good vibes with the rest of the world, thinking they are also “feeling you” but you get nothing but hate!

What to do?

Well, you have a choice of not being on social media of course. That’s not a bad option for many people. It’s good to get positive vibes from others but if you find that negativity from people you don’t even know is affecting your mental health, then maybe it’s time to give social media a break.

Haters aren’t just on social media though! They can be everywhere. The best way of going through life without getting affected by haters is simple. Compete only with yourself. When you start caring what other people think is when you start getting affected by negative comments.

When you build a nice body, get energetic and lean and start feeling good about yourself, this can only be a good thing. When you don’t care what others think, you won’t be affected by haters. The minute you get haters, think inward and remember that your only competition and critic is you! What others think really does not matter. Yes it’s hard to have this attitude but it’s the ONLY attitude that will serve you well in today’s hater-filled world.

Keyboard warriors and losers with an opinion are plenty! You don’t owe them anything and you don’t need to engage with them. Remember that! You only need to look after your own health, body and mental well-being. Everything else should never take up your time.


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