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Exclusive Q&A with dreamboys dancer Luke Baker

His top fitness secrets shared with LA Muscle!

By LA Muscle on 03.07.2017 03:39 pm


LA Muscle have teamed up with fitness competitor and dreamboys dancer Luke Baker for an exclusive Q&A. Find out how he has become so successful in his career and unravel his secrets on how he has developed such a toned and lean physique....

Questions and Answers

What age did you start getting into fitness?
Since a child I've been a fitness fanatic especially brought up in a culture that embodies the lifestyle and having a family of professional sports people. Started off as English level x country athlete then moved into track and field competing internationally in 100&200m with Birchfield harriers. With hamstring ridden injuries this directed me away from competing to fitness competitions and dancing in theatre which I currently do to this present day.

What made you get into lifting weights?
Performance is the most important to me especially as a sprinter so doing Olympic style lifts and explosive plyos form still. Although in fitness your looking for an aesthetic physique I combine my athletics conditioning with body building style training methods also

How long have you been a dreamboys dancer?
This is my fifth year as a dreamboys and one the main guys for the UK tour

What do you like about being a dreamboys dancer?
It is great fun however it is not as easy as everyone may believe. The best part would be the being on stage and doing what you love that is dancing and being with your buddies always makes it more worthwhile.

What's your favourite body part to train?
Well abs is my speciality and strength but I love core style training especially and I'd say probably the back. I love pull ups and doing the different variations like using rings, suspensions, trees outdoors, pull up bars and so on.

What's your most dreaded body part to train?
Legs used be my favourite but I find it difficult at present with hamstring trouble but I'd say shoulders is the one I find most difficult.

Do you keep your weight the same all year round?
Never! I like to shock my body I get bored very easily and my body responds so much better to variation and shock.

How many carbs and protein do you tend to have?
I lead a high fat and protein diet although I do like my carbs. I tend to eat more gas and protein during the day and my carbs in the evening after my shows. Some may say that's not the way to do it but everyone's lifestyle and physiology is completely different

How many times a week do you train?
2 x five days per week and a day I throw in yoga or Pilates reformer if possible

What's the toughest thing about being a dreamboys dancer?
The travelling is difficult for me personally living on a tour bus although it is a great laugh. I would also say living on the road sometimes can be difficult to eat correctly all the time so commitment and will power is needed especially.

Who is your favourite bodybuilder?
I love Kai Greene personally but obviously Arnie is a legend

What supplements do you use?
LA Muscles Diet Whey, Sculpt, Explosive Creatine and Bloat No More

How much water do you drink on a normal day?
4 litres as I'm always so active whether I'm training or not

How much water do you drink when you need to trim down for a show?
I cycle it so will manipulate water levels for example week prior load on water and gradually decrease during the next seven days and the final day leading to competing I practically just wet my lips so I'm as dry as possible. I hate it lol.

What's your favourite food?
Anything with coconut and bananas they are my energy foods and I need them otherwise I have withdrawal symptoms lol. On the other hand I love homemade Thai food which I cook a lot and fresh fish with organic leafy seasonal vegetables

What do you like doing outside of fitness?
The outdoors for me is my escape and it's what life's about. Keeping the body moving whilst seeing nature and allowing any stresses to just disappear. Theatre is a huge passion of mine I love theatre shows. Cooking is my passion and is my time to be creative and playful. You can view his page here

What's your favourite film?
This is difficult!! I would say either The Last King Of Scotland OR Saturday Night Fever

What's your favourite book?
I tend to read a lot of motivational books think les brown or Anthony robbins. I also love the secret

Who has inspired you to become a fitness athlete?
I've always wanted to be Tarzan as a kid and still do haha so either him OR I'd say my dad as he's 54 nearly and looks incredible still now and his strength and physical abilities are particular impressive

How long do you plan to be a dreamboys dancer?
Until I stop enjoying it and my career my path is clear and business is up n running. Maybe another year

What advice would you give anyone who wants to take up fitness?
I would say find your passion and stick with it whether it's dance, gym , climbing. That way you will enjoy it and adhere. Regarding fitness it's a slow process so enjoy the journey and keep persistent

What are your plans for the future?

That's for me to know and you to find out. Watch this space, lol!! I have always wanted work abroad and experiencing USA for the first time this year I would like take my skills there especially with my food and health. Other than that set up my business with Luke's Kitchen and pursue that and build an empire EVENTUALLY!!!

Dreamboys dancer Luke Baker

Dreamboys dancer Luke Baker

Dreamboy Dancer Luke Baker

Dreamboys dancer Luke Baker

Dreamboys dancer Luke Baker

Dreamboys dancer Luke Baker

Dreamboys dancer Luke Baker

Dreamboys dancer Luke Baker

Dreamboys dancer Luke Baker

Dreamboys dancer Luke Baker



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