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Classic forgotten photos: Muscle Beach

Bodybuidlers on Venice Beach, heart of bodybuilding

By LA Muscle on 19.08.2015 09:35 am


Muscle Beach at Venice Beach California is without doubt the number 1 place where modern day bodybuilding started and grew. Anyone that is known in bodybuilding has been photographed there at some stage and bodybuilders from all over the world who love their bodybuilding make sure they pay a visit there at least once in their lifetime.

Some of the best bodybuilding photos are those from Venice Beach and in particular Muscle Beach, where famous bodybuilders work out right there on the beach in front of your eyes. Below you can see some amazing classic photos from yesteryear and the heyday of bodybuilding. Enjoy!

Classic beach shot with Reg Park, Dave Draper and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Reg Park, Dave Draper and Arnold Schwarzenegger Venice Beach, Muscle Beach

Fantastic classic bodybuilding photo with Steve Reeves AKA Hercules and Reg Park to name a few

Steve Reeves (Hercules) Reg Park at Muscle Beach, Venice Beach

Muscle Beach 1948! A bodybuilder entertains the crowds!

Venice Beach, Muscle Beach, Classic Photo

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his best friend Franco Columbo impress two ladies! Classic Venice Beach Photo!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbo, Venice Beach Classic Photo

Another classic Venice Beach muscle photo from the past

Muscle beach, Venice Beach California classic bodybuilding photo

Muscle Beach 1971, 3 bodybuilder doing their stuff!

Muscle Beach bodybuilding photos, classic bodybuilders

A crowd admires the body of Hercules Steve Reeves! Poor man, give him a break!

Steve Reeves, classic muscle beach, venice beach bodybuilding photo

The great Mr Legs Tom Platz waking a walk down Venice Beach, classic bodybuilding photo for sure!

Tom Platz, classic bodybuilding photo

The great "Zabo" Kosweski with his friend Vince

Zabo Kosweski, classic muscle beach photo

Steve Hercules Reeves, said by some to have had the best, most aesthetic physique of all time

Steve Reeves, classic Venice Beach photo

Reg Park and Arnold Schwarzenegger taking a dip near Venice Beach

Arnold Schwarzenegger,Reg Park, classic bodybuilders

Arnold Schwarzenegger impressing another lady on Venice Beach California, classic bodybuilding photo!

Arnold Schwarzenegger classic bodybuilding photo, Venice Beach

The great Franco Columbo lifting crazy weights. As a powerlifter he was sure impressive with the weights!

Classic Muscle Beach, Venice Beach photo of Franco Columbo

No history of Venice Beach and Muscle Beach would be complete without the great Joe Weider, seen here with Betty Weider, Franco Columbo and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Classic bodybuilding photo from Venice Beach Muscle beach with Franco Columbo, Joe Weider, Betty Weider, Arnold Schwarzenegger

The 80s was an interesting decade for Muscle Beach. Here is a classic 80s shot!

Muscle Beach in the 1980s

And one last one of Venice Beach in the 80s

Muscle Beach classic photos



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