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REVEALED: 5 things that make you moody

and how to avoid them and be less moody

By LA Muscle on 11.09.2016 08:22 am


Do you ever feel nervous, edgy, angry, aggressive and moody and just don’t know why? Like you just want to be left alone or worse still, you will kill the next person that bugs you? Don’t worry, this is normal!!!

You see, sometimes certain things can make you very irritable. Some people will notice this and prevent it but for most people, they are not aware of what exactly makes them nervous like this. Below are 5 things that can make you irritable, angry and hostile and how to deal with them!

Spending too long on the internet or mobile devices

When you get immersed in on-line activities you tend to go in to some sort of trance and your brain can get very tired and drained. Long term digital brain stimulation has a negative effect on general happiness and you may very well find yourself very angry and hostile after spending hours on your mobile or computer. You may come out of your room and just shout at the first person that “bugs you”! What’s the solution? You have to try and have breaks from your digital immersion. Try going for a short walk every 30 minutes.

Going hungry for too long

This is a big reason for people getting agitated, impatient and aggressive. Many people don’t have big reserves of energy and run on fuel that is required to be ingested every few hours. If you find that you are getting hungry, you may well start getting extremely agitated and moody. You need to make sure you never get into this phase in the first place by having some sort of protein “before” you get hungry. Protein is ideal to level off your sugar levels, but you can also have carbs too.

A boiled egg or a protein shake is good and preferred but you can also have a banana or anything else as a snack.

Lack of sleep

You need sleep for so many reasons. To balance out your hormones, to grow, to rest, to lose fat, to regenerate, to recuperate and so on. Different people require different amounts of sleep, however everyone needs to have “their minimum”. If you go without sleep, then you can be extremely agitated and “not yourself”. This may not even transpire early on in the day but as they day progresses, you can become aggressive and moody. The solution is to have enough sleep in the first place but if you can’t, then a quick nap is recommended. A nap ensures you go back to normal or close to normal. A quick nap is recommended by the way, not a long sleep as many people find that sleeping during the day makes them more moody!!!


Caffeine has two edges and works differently on different people. If you are tired, sleepy and moody already, caffeine can make you energetic and act as a great pick-me-up. This is the case for many people. However, caffeine or excess caffeine can make others edgy, aggressive and annoyed. You have to see how caffeine “affects you” and act accordingly. Some people can use caffeine at the right times for the right results but others have to stay well away from it.

Other things

Many things can affect your mood and make you nervous or aggressive. You have to know about them and keep an eye out for them and try and avoid them. Again, this may differ for different people. Here are some examples: weather (cloudy days can make you moody), news stories (horrible stories can affect your mood), health issues (a blocked nose can make you irritable), hormones (menstrual cycles), relationships (bad relationships) and so on.

In conclusions, try and prevent yourself getting into that state of anger in the first place by taking swift action as it may be more difficult to change your mood later!

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