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Bodybuilders who have taken the game too far

By LA Muscle on 20.08.2015 11:19 am


Just when do you cross the line in your bodybuilding journey and take things too far in your quest to build more muscles? Most would argue the line goes the other side of crazy for people that inject a synthetic and highly dangerous substance called Synthol into their muscles. Synthol is a mixture of Benzyl Alcohol, pain killers and fatty acids! It is highly unpredictable with results that can be life-threatening and irreversible. Yet some people resort to Synthol to make themselves look bigger. Most people would agree that those who have injected Synthol are not bodybuilders, do not look muscular and look ridiculous and freaky.
Just to be clear, Synthol is dangerous, unpredictable, damaging and you must never use it. Below are the world's top Synthol freaks! Hope you haven't just eaten!

Here is a guy that is no doubt the main attraction on the beach... for the wrong reasons!

Dangers of Synthol

Does this look normal?

Synthol bodybuiler

You would think this is photoshopped, right? It is not!

Synthol and bodybuilding

Isn't bodybuilding supposed to be about proportion?

Bodybuilder and his Synthol arms

Here is probably the world's best-known Synthol user Gregg Valentino - sometimes dubbed the most hated man in bodybuilding!

Synthol user

Oh dear!

Synthol bodybuilder

Just when you thought the above photo couldn't get any worse, here is a Brazilian Synthol bodybuilder!

Brazilian Synthol bodybuilder

Look at those beautiful peaks! Yes peaks, the mountain peaks behind him!

Synthol user

Seriously wouldn't you call a doctor if you saw this?

Synthol in bodybuilding is rife

Quick, his arms are about to explode!

Synthol bodybuilding working out

"Yeah hon, this is a really good look you have got going for you"

Synthol user

Honestly, this is not photoshopped! Unfortunately, it is real!

Synthol bodybuilding working out

Oh dear, where do we start ...

Synhol bodybuilder posing

This man actually bothers to do a bodybuilding pose!

Synthol user

There you have it. Hopefully the above have convinced you to never ever touch Synthol or anything remotely similar to it. Remember, you only have one body. Look after it.



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