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The World's Best Outdoor Gyms

Gyms Around The World With Epic Views

By LA Muscle on 08.08.2017 03:42 pm


The summer is the time we've all been waiting for to get outside and become more active so why not take your workout outside. If you're holidaying in one of these destinations be sure to check out these amazing gyms where your workout will go from beastly to epic!

Muscle Beach - Venice Beach, California, USA

The world's bodybuilding mecca is the perfect place to work on your physique and tan at the same time in the California sun. The world-famous Muscle Beach is a tourist hotspot in the middle of trendy Venice Beach, but don't be fooled, as people come here from far and wide to get in a beastly session and put on a show for the tourists.

Tulum Jungle Gym - Tulum, Mexico

On the beach of the famous Tulum Mayan Ruins, you can find the Tulum Jungle Gym. In typical jungle fashion the weights are carved out of wood along with frames and platforms for whatever your workout choice might be. The gym is right on the beach and features panoramic views of the Caribbean sea.

Bondi Beach Gym - Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

In a place such as the world-famous Bondi Beach that's no shortage of outdoor training spaces but the Bondi Beach Gym is a popular place to workout if you don't fancy the usually more popular swimming or surfing. When the locals aren't having a barbie on the beach they can usually be found here burning off the calories!

Beach Side Hut Gym - Dumaguete, Philippines

In the middle of a group of islands in the Philippines you can find the city of Dumaguete. Off the beaten track for the normal tourist, this fully equipped gym right on the beach features stunning views of the Bohol Sea where you can train under the sun or the stars to your gain's content.

Barceloneta Beach Gym – Barcelona, Spain

In a city such as Barcelona, with miles of great beaches, you'll find plenty of outdoor training spaces but none like the one in Barceloneta with the city to one side, the Mediterranean to the other and the towering W Hotel in the background. Locals and tourists come here to get their sweat on, work on their tan and make room for more Sangria!

Four Seasons Resort Gym – Koh Samui, Thailand

As well as being a gym, in a 5 star hotel resort on the paradise island of Koh Samui, the Four Seasons Gym is fully equipped and has a full size boxing ring. Located high above the treeline it provides breathtaking panoramic views of the jungle, beaches and sea below.

Muscle Beach Gym – Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a city on a mission and growing at an unprecedented rate. Their latest offering is an impressive outdoor gym in Dubai bay giving you the opportunity to work out with the Dubai skyline as your backdrop.

Ipanema Beach Gym - Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Located on Rio's iconic Ipanema beach, this gym is popular with locals and tourists alike as people gather here to get a session in, yards away from the crashing waves of the beach below. Whether you come alone or in a group you can expect a great session and a truly memorable experience.

South Beach Outdoor Gym – Miami, USA

There's no shortage of outdoor space on South Beach, but anyone who's serious about their physique can be found at the Outdoor Gym working on their fitness goals and topping up their tan. The perfect way to burn off some calories before investigating the rest of Miami's playground.

Buen Retiro Park Gym – Madrid, Spain

An escape in the middle of the Spanish capital, the Buen Retiro Park Gym, is busy at all times of the day as mostly locals come to get a quick workout in. This hidden gem in a shaded part of the park, is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to work on your fitness goals.



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