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Sav Kyriacou

Sav Kyriacou

Bodybuilding Expert

Sav Kyriacou is the owner and founder of the legendary Muscleworks gyms in London. He has a lifetime of knowledge on fitness and nutrition and is a well-known and highly respected person in the bodybuilding community. Sav has also been a presenter on the Active Channel on Sky TV for several years and is a fountain of knowledge for all aspiring and professional bodybuilders alike.

Sav's Formula! Train Smarter For Better Results
by SAV KYRIACOU on 19.02.2020 10:55 am
Advice From A Bodybuilding Legend
CARDIO. What is it all about?
by SAV KYRIACOU on 13.03.2020 04:57 pm
The smartest ways to burn fat and lose weight


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