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Extreme Fat Loss Meal Plan Diet

By Postgraduate Nutritionist Luke Baker

By LA Muscle on 28.03.2017 04:04 pm


This is the ideal diet for anyone looking to shed those 'pounds' in quick time as revealed exclusive by post graduate nutritious and Dreamboys dancer Luke Baker. Luke uses this diet to help in stay in shape all year round with a body to die for. He has very low bodyfat levels, six pack abs that shine with a great passion for the industry. If you are after a diet which is different, is not bland or boring and is full of nutrients then follow this to the 'T' and reap the rewards.

Upon rising: ACV Tonic –1-2tbspapple cider vinegar, 1 inch ginger root, ½ lemon, 1 cinnamon stick &top with warm water

Breakfast: Spirulina Power - 1 tbsp spirulina, 1 handful washed baby spinach, 1 banana, 1/2 avocado, 200ml coconut water, 1 handful almonds, 30g buckwheat flakes

Mid-morning: 3 boiled eggs , 1/2avocado (other half)

Lunch: 200g cod loin, 1 cup green beans, lemon butter (1/2 lemon & 1 small knob grass fed butter)

Mid Afternoon: 1 apple, 2 tbsp raw nut butter (cashew or almond)

Pre-training: Beetroot shot with ginger (natural stimulant and pre workout solution)

Post-training: 1 LA Diet Whey (with water)

Dinner: Venison with supergreens (shredded broccoli, edamame beans, kale, courgette ribbons & green beans)

Before bed: 1 small cottage cheese with 1 handful blueberries OR 1 natural yoghurt with raw nut butter

Throughout the day:

Herbal teas (green, fresh mint, fennel tea) Y

1 immortality coffee – 1 nespresso shot with coconut oil (1 tsp)

Favourite Supplements for maintaining a lean physique from Luke Baker:

'LA Muscle provide a first rate supply of high grade supplements and nutritional aids to support your goal. Whilst training 5-6 x per week and having such an active job supplementation is important for me to recover correctly, maintain my energy and facilitate my goal for maintaining a lean physique all year round. Below I have listed what I would recommend combined with a clean way of eating and SMART training regime'.

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You can follow Luke on Instagram on @lukebakerlondon / @lukebakerskitchen

Luke Baker

Luke Baker



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