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5 Foods Nutritionists Avoid

These Shouldn't Be Eaten If Possible

By LA Muscle on 14.10.2019 04:42 pm


Whilst many people follow strict diets to help them achieve their fitness goals, it’s not always necessary to be extra vigilant with your diet as some allowances are made for when you want to treat yourself to something considered unhealthy that isn’t part of your normal diet. Whilst indulgence is allowed and generally encouraged as you are more likely to stick with a diet, nutritionists have weighed in on certain foods that they believe should be avoided at all costs.


These include meats such as deli-style meats like ham, salami and low-quality sausages. These types of meats contain large quantities of nitrates and nitrites used as preservatives, which has been classified as probably carcinogenic (cancer causing) to humans. In addition to this, processed meats are considered to be a nutritional disaster and there is also the animal welfare consideration. It’s also highly unlikely that any of these products are made from free range, naturally reared animals.


These foods are highly processed and where fat is taken out of a food, it’s almost always replaced with sugar or artificial sweeteners. The idea that fat is bad or is the main cause of weight gain has long been disproved and we now know that sugars and excess starchy carbs are largely responsible for weight gain. Its far better for you to stick to the natural, full fat version of foods as not only are they usually much healthier but they also taste much better.


Margarine and vegetable spreads have been marketed as healthier alternatives to butter for a long time now but that couldn’t be further from the truth. People tend to believe that they are nutritionally superior because of their lower levels of saturated fats but that just isn’t the case. Given that saturated fat is not an enemy to your health, while artificially hardened vegetable oils, such as hydrogenated trans-fats are, it’s much better to stick to unadulterated fats like coconut oil for cooking and olive oil for dressings.


Rice cakes are one of those foods that people either love or they hate and it feels like chewing on cardboard. They may seem nice covered in chocolate and are often used as a go-to food for anyone counting calories, but the truth is that even if eaten alone, they will likely cause a peak in your blood sugar levels meaning they aren’t even a particularly healthy option. Healthier choices could be a couple of oat cakes.


While agave syrup does come from a cactus and might tick the box of ‘natural’, it’s actually very highly processed and is mostly sugar. What’s worse is that the type of sugar found in agave is fructose. While small amounts of fructose in fruits is generally ok, eating larger quantities in the form of agave is definitely not recommended. Fructose needs to be processed by the liver, causing more stress for an already over-worked organ. Agave syrup is very similar to the much-demonised high fructose corn syrup. Healthier options include xylitol or stevia.



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