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So you think LA Muscle is "hyped up" and "expensive", huh?

Let's find out the truth...

By LA Muscle on 25.09.2018 03:17 pm


We had an advert on Facebook and someone commented negatively about LA Muscle, saying it was rubbish. I decided to message him to find out why he held that view. After all LA Muscle has had millions of happy and satisfied customers over the years and I found it very strange that someone held such strong negative views on my brand, a brand I have put blood, sweat and tears into and still do and a brand that is so truly different from all the other “liars” out there. Let’s see what happened…

The guy’s name was Mark and I asked him why he made such a comment. He said, LA Muscle are over-priced, hyped-up supplements. I asked him if he had ever used LA Muscle and he said no! So, he held this view just from the fact that LA Muscle is more expensive than other supplements and the fact that some guys on forums said it (does anyone still use forums????! I thought everyone knew that there is always a party with a vested interest running them!).

I asked him which supplements of other brands “that he had used” (because let’s face it, anyone can talk crap or good about stuff they have no real-life experience of!) that he thought were good.

1st Company

He used to use their products because they were the cheapest. The owner of that company (who I know well) started it several years ago and sold it a few years later. It is currently owned by an entity ONLY interested in maximum profits and minimising all costs. This company does not have the philosophy or intention of using the “best ingredients” because they cost more. They are just about maximum profits and all costs are minimised including the very important “service” element. Try contacting them when things go wrong and good luck!

2nd Company

He had used them in the past because they were cheap and their supplements “looked good”. I am actually familiar with that company too and know their manufacturers. Their supplements sure look good as they are FULL of artificial ingredients and they have no policy of minimising or stopping their usage. Their protein powder is 30% made of artificial sweeteners, additives and fillers. Not exactly the best, even if it is cheaper than LA Muscle. They are also only food grade and not Pharma Grade like LA Muscle.

3rd Company

Another company Mark had used in the past and buys stuff from on and off. I am friends with the ex owner of that company too (he sold it also) and I can tell you that they have OK supplements, use the cheapest ingredients for maximum profits, do use artificial additives across all their supplements and lots of fillers across their capsules and their customer services is a gauntlet of answering machines with no real person to deal with.

I can go on.

Look, buy what you want but be fair. Be fair to companies you make judgements on but most importantly be fair to yourself! You could be missing out on real results by listening to your “forum friends” or the gym guy that either doesn’t know what he is talking about or is using gear without telling you.

I started LA Muscle in 1997 and despite being offered huge amounts of money, I have not sold it because I don’t want the brand to go the same way as all the others. If you want to read more about my philosophy click here.

NO OTHER supplements company uses the high grade ingredients used by LA Muscle and no other supplements company can even come close to the level of customer service offered by LA Muscle.

All LA Muscle supplements are 100% guaranteed and all of them come with a 100% money back guarantee. This is not a gimmick. If you find that ANY LA Muscle supplement did not give you the results you expected or were “hyped up” or “rubbish” or whatever preconception you have in your head or based on your actual experience, you get ALL of your money back - even if you have used the whole tub! Nothing personal! You want results and we're here to give it to you.

No one else gives you this assurance and no other company puts their money behind their mouth like this. If you are not happy with LA Muscle at any stage and for any reason, you can contact me direct! You don't even need to go through our amazing Customer Services Team! Just email !

So, instead of “cussing” or “dissing” or bad-mouthing something you have not even experienced, why don’t you do yourself a favour and actually try LA Muscle supplements and see? You take no risk!!!

Yes, they cost more but so does a Ferrari. No one in their right mind would say a Ford is a better car. Only silly people would say that or those that have not experienced a Ferrari.

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I wish you all the best, whatever your choice of supplements.

Parham Donyai

LA Muscle Group



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