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How to build muscles AND lose fat

The secret to how you can do BOTH!

By LA Muscle on 06.11.2018 02:59 pm


One of the challenges you may face when trying to look better is trying to build muscle mass whilst losing bodyfat at the same time. It is a double-edged sword and if you don’t get it right, you may end up either at where you started off from or even worse off; fatter, skinnier or even worse, “skinny fat”!

How to build muscles and lose fat

You see, for muscle building, you really need to eat a lot more. Up to 7 meals a dal consisting of carbohydrates and protein, combined with hard and heavy training. This is the ideal route to take to get very muscular. You may put a little bit of fat on too whilst doing this but it gives you the best chance of getting “big”.

If you are trying to lose weight, ideally, you should have a lot less carbohydrates (certainly not 7 times a day!) and reduce all portions and meals. You should also concentrate more on aerobic exercise, staying in your target heart range for around 1 hour several times a week.

Can you see how the two of them are at opposing ends? So, how can you build muscles AND lose weight at the same time.

It IS possible to build muscles AND lose weight at the same time. Maybe not to the full efficiency of doing them one at a time but pretty close.

The way to do it is as follows:


You need to train several times a week, splitting your body up into different parts, so you recover better. For example, chest and triceps one day and back and biceps another. However some of your sets have to be devoted to much higher reps, making the weight training more “aerobic” in nature.

You can also do aerobic exercise but try and do the type that work more on your muscles. Rather than swimming, choose rowing. Rather than walking, choose running.


Stick to a high protein, low sugar and low carbohydrate diet. If you find yourself low on energy, introduce more carbohydrates but make sure it is consumed earlier in the day. Carbs should be avoided later in the day.

Make sure you are not snacking. Leave your body time to digest and don’t over-fill it with food. For example if you have had your dinner at 7 p.m., don’t go and eat more after that. If you are very hungry, have 1-2 boiled eggs and drink water but don’t eat any more foods until breakfast.

Be under no illusions that many people take supplements to change their body and help them get quicker results in the gym. Testosterone boosters like Norateen Heavyweight II can get you stronger in the gym, more muscular and leaner. They can give you results that would ordinarily take maybe 1 year in as little as a couple of months.

Norateen Heavyweight II has been voted the “best muscle builder” by many magazines and featured heavily on TV. Millions of people have benefited from its power since 1998.

In conclusion, it IS possible to build muscles AND lose weight at the same time and you may well choose the above guidance if you don’t want t wait to get big first and then take many more months to lose the fat. You can gave it all a lot quicker.



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