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Neale Cranwell

Mr Universe


Neale is a Body Building heavyweight champion. Over the past few years he has been competing in a number of competitions and has won many titles. He is also the owner of the well known and hugely respected; Krunch Gym.

In 2010 Neale was diagnosed with a fractured spine and 2 slipped discs. Even though this was 8 months prior to the Mr. Universe competition he was preparing to compete in, this setback only made him more motivated and determined to succeed. In November 2010 he won the title at the WPF Mr Universe competition.


  • WABBA World championships (Italy) - 4th place (2012)
  • NAC World Championships (Spian) - Won the Title - (2011)
  • 2011 UKBFF Midlands – Heavyweight Winner
  • 2011 NAC Pro Open Germany Top 10
  • 2011 IBFA World Championships 2nd Place
  • WPF Mr Universe - Won the title (2010)
  • British NAC Heavyweight - Won the title (2010)
  • UKBFF Midlands Heavyweight - Won the title (2010)
  • WPF Heavyweight Mr Universe - Won the title (2010)
  • 2009 UKBFF Midlands – Heavyweight Winner
  • 2009 WPF Mr Universe Winner
  • 2010 NAC UK Championships – Class 2 Winner
  • 2010 NAC UK Championships – Overall Winner
  • 2010 NAC World Championships – Overall Winner
  • 2008 NAC British UK 2nd Place
  • 2008 NAC World Championship Greece 5th Place
  • 2008 NAC British Open 1st Place
  • 2008 NAC Mr Universe Germany 10th Place

Here is a Run down of Neale's Off Season Training Regime and Diet Plan along with his favourite LA Muscle supplements.

Neale Cranwell

Neale Cranwell

Neale Cranwell

Newale Cranwell

Neale Cranwell



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