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Mr Scotland DEAD at 51
by LA MUSCLE on 27.08.2016 09:36 am
Davie Hennessey struck by train
Skinny Drops is now available
by LA MUSCLE on 24.08.2016 09:14 pm
Ground-breaking new supplement
How to show your body off
by LA MUSCLE on 23.08.2016 11:25 am
Have these ladies got it right?
High Protein Antioxidant Power Smoothie
by LA MUSCLE on 17.08.2016 11:24 am
Great and refreshing to have post-workout.
Battle of the BODIES
by LA MUSCLE on 11.08.2016 03:05 pm
These women battle for the best body of the day
Fat Loss Basics
by LA MUSCLE on 17.08.2016 12:33 pm
The secret to losing fat and maintaining muscles
New research finds SNACKING can be making you fat
by LA MUSCLE on 08.08.2016 09:27 am
5 Golden Rules of healthy snacking
Sex worker wants to be PRETTY WOMAN
by LA MUSCLE on 05.08.2016 11:57 am
Welcome to the Rio Olympics!
England's female rugby stars get their KIT OFF
by LA MUSCLE on 01.08.2016 07:00 pm
All for a good cause!
Dominic Andersen
by LA MUSCLE on 20.08.2016 12:33 pm
Actor, Model
Mr Scotland STABBED to death
by LA MUSCLE on 26.07.2016 08:07 pm
British Champ. Michael O'Hanlon is dead
Win a trip for 2 to Dubai
by LA MUSCLE on 24.07.2016 08:15 pm
Holiday worth £££s up for grabs
WTF is this?
by LA MUSCLE on 22.07.2016 03:57 pm
Bondage-style bikini is hottest trend in Far East
The World's most DESIRABLE man
by LA MUSCLE on 22.07.2016 11:28 am
Mr India Rohit Khandelwal becomes Mr World 2016
LA Muscle Interviews - Life on Marbs star Danni Levy
by LA MUSCLE on 17.08.2016 12:33 pm
Exclusive interview with fitness star and Life on Marbs celebrity, super-hot Danni Levy.
Fit at almost 50!
by LA MUSCLE on 21.07.2016 10:50 am
Check out the incredible body of Maggie Lauder
Is this the SEXIEST weather girl EVER?
by LA MUSCLE on 20.07.2016 09:22 am
Yanet Garcia sets temperatures soaring
Luke's cacao BLISS
by LA MUSCLE on 13.07.2016 09:52 am
by Fitness Model and Competitor Luke Baker
Woman injects 4lbs of FAT into her butt
by LA MUSCLE on 12.07.2016 09:55 am
Marlene Chinea wants to look like Kim Kardashian
LA Muscle Interviews - Shredded Diesel
by LA MUSCLE on 17.08.2016 12:33 pm
Exclusive in depth interview with one of the world's leading Celebrity trainer to Madonna, Timbaland, Leonardo Di Caprio
Human Barbie says she was a WITCH
by LA MUSCLE on 09.07.2016 07:19 pm
Woman with the body and face of Barbie
LA Muscle movie partnership featured in Men's Fitness Magazine August 2016
by LA MUSCLE on 08.07.2016 03:10 pm
LA Muscle, proud partners of new movie Suicide Squad
Cherry Madness
by LA MUSCLE on 01.07.2016 09:52 am
Recipe by Fitness Model and Competitor Luke Baker
D-Aspartic Acid: THE TRUTH
by LA MUSCLE on 30.06.2016 08:30 pm
How this amino can make you massive
SHOCKING: Men who marry DOLLS!
by LA MUSCLE on 30.06.2016 09:22 am
Men who prefer plastic over flesh
The world's fattest kid
by LA MUSCLE on 29.06.2016 06:02 pm
The boy weighing 192kg at 10 years of age
Top 10 sexiest nationalities
by LA MUSCLE on 28.06.2016 01:55 pm
Results of a huge survey are in

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311 BCAAs

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