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The LA Muscle brand is like no other. LA Muscle's premium formulations, look & feel are truly unique and in high demand. LA Muscle supplements are exclusive and not available everywhere. LA Muscle has never set out to flood the market. Select suppliers can be considered for stocking LA Muscle. You will be given the full products range, full support with your own dedicated team member, access to LA Muscle events and special promotions and can have the chance to be an LA Muscle Premier Partner*.

LA Muscle Shops

There are strict conditions attached to being an LA Muscle stockist, however for those who are accepted, great rewards await. For all trade enquires and to be considered for stocking LA Muscle's cutting edge supplements in your gym, store, pharmacy or shop email or call us on 020 8965 1177 to be considered.

* Premier Partners will be invited to join LA Muscle's top activities such as movie deals with major film studios, links with The Active Channel, major media advertising, PR activity and more.

LA Muscle

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