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Six Pack Pill Extreme 2xPack Special

OMG crazy offer on 2 months supply!

Six Pack Pill Extreme is a scientifically developed advanced abs and six-pack supplement designed to specifically target primary fat storage areas i.e. your abs. Six Pack Pill Extreme is a rapid action super-pill which targets your abdominal area to shift the fat away and showcase rock hard abs.

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  • Guaranteed Six Pack or your money back in full
  • Scientific Pharma Formula! No need for 1000s Crunches!




How you can finally get that ripped six pack in just days without needing to do thousands of sit-ups or giving up your favourite foods

They don’t want you to know this because it would mean the end of gyms, the end of paying money for private Personal Trainers and the end of selling you tons of magic proteins. Now it’s your turn to discover the extraordinary fat burning pill that has given millions of people the six pack they have always desired.

Why this synergistic formula attacks your body fat with no let-up and you will even have more energy!

Adored by celebrities and personal trainers who want results for their clients, you need look no further than Six Pack Pill Extreme. This 6 ingredient exclusive synergistic formula is 100% natural, yet very powerful due to the fact that unlike other cheaper and weaker copies, it is Pharmaceutical Grade. This means it is GUARANTEED TO WORK within 1-3 days. You will absolutely see results or you will not pay a penny! Six Pack Pill Extreme also increases your energy levels with zero side effects. You will just have more motivation and energy to do the things you want to do and have been putting off!

You are not to blame for your lack of progress but NOW is the time to change that and get those shredded abs with NO RISK to you whatsoever!

You have been told that tons of exercise and hundreds of sit-ups are the key to getting ripped abdominals. Whilst they will help in bringing body fat down, having a six pack is all about those last layers of fat which are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Only EXTREME prolonged dieting will get you those abs, unless you want to take a shortcut. That short cut is called Six Pack Pill Extreme.

Why this radical supplement will give you a whole new body, reducing fat from everywhere especially the abdominal region without you having to diet for months

Six Pack Pill Extreme has been scientifically designed to target “hard-to-shift” fat storage areas. These areas typically respond well to a strong metabolising formula. The unique expensive Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients will go straight to work and burn off the fat from your abs within hours. Noticeable results are usually seen within 1-3 days.

As used and recommended by Shredded Diesel, Celebrity Trainer to stars like Madonna!

You are 1 click away from getting your dream abs without giving up your favourite foods, without having to live in the gym and without risking your money - Start taking LA Muscle’s Six Pack Pill Extreme challenge NOW!

Lots of companies claim to have a magic pill to get you lean. LA Muscle’s Six Pack Pill Extreme has been a best-seller for over a decade and it is the ONLY ab-specific formula available on the market; it really does target your abs within 1-3 days. You risk absolutely nothing as this incredible supplement comes with LA Muscle’s 100% NO RISK guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love it and see the results you expected, you get 100% of your money back without any questions or “interrogations”! Don’t settle for cheaper, inferior supplements. Order Six Pack Pill Extreme now. You will absolutely love it and see and hear people talking about your amazing transformation. Then it's up to you to let them in on the secret or not!

LA Muscle store voted "Best Store" by Retail Week Magazine for design, showcasing LA Muscle's commitment to to the highest standards on earth

LA Muscle's full-strength premium sports supplements are not for everyone. The very high raw material qualify, non-compromising ethos and strict manufacturing practices mean that LA Muscle supplements are more expensive than other brands. If you want the very best and want to get your hands on a range that says a great deal about your own high standards and non-compromising attitude, then LA Muscle is for you.

Recently, LA Muscle's concept store was recognised in the Retail Week Interior Design Awards under the "Best Store" category. This store shows the extreme high standards set for LA Muscle from the uniqueness of the supplements all the way to presentation and customer services. Special attention is always paid to the post-purchase customer experience. Whilst others may just want your money, LA Muscle would like you to become a fan of the brand and experience all the benefits.

by David Robertson on 24th September 2020
Has use it for two weeks now, it starting my muscle getting bit hard, my abs got four now as it really brilliant Yu have yu to watch to eat balance!! Training hard! Drink a lot water!!
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Looking at getting a six pack but can never loose the small amount of fat .how many caps would you feel it would take?
Asked by Richard Dixon on 3rd October 2020

Hi Richard, there is no set amount. You would need to take them as directed on the tub for best results.

What are the side effects of taking these and do I need to take them and still go the the gym and work with abs because all I’m looking for is the abs
Asked by Jack Hanratty on 8th September 2020

Hi Jack, there are no side effects. Yes you still need to train regularly and have a good clean high protein diet to see good results.

Bottle contains 90 caps and states 1 cap 3 x a day. The promotional video with Diesel he says he used 2 caps 3 x a day that’s double the dose stated on the bottle. So what is the correct does to get results?
Asked by Michael Charlton on 3rd August 2019

Hi Michael

It's up to you. Some people take the 1, 3 times a day and others who want quicker results take 2.


LA Muscle Team

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