Testing Checklist
by LA MUSCLE on 28.01.2010 10:35 am
Your guide to supplement use with professional sports bodies
Newbie Supplements Guide
by LA MUSCLE on 10.01.2010 01:30 pm
Muscle Gain & Weight Loss
LA Muscle TV No 1 in Europe
by LA MUSCLE on 07.12.2009 03:42 pm
The most watched health & fitness channel
New research proves the incredible power of ZMA
by LA MUSCLE on 06.11.2009 08:45 am
Read the truth behind an amazing Male Hormone formula
The Anti-Aging Diet
by LA MUSCLE on 28.07.2009 11:14 am
Foods that make you look and feel younger
Angel Mckenzie on Big Brother 10
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LA Muscle sponsored athlete on Big Brother...more on Angel
Father's Day Special
by LA MUSCLE on 11.06.2009 04:57 pm
New tips & ideas to treat your Dad
My experience with the Norateen Hollywood Body
by LA MUSCLE on 09.06.2009 12:02 pm
by Ben Lauder Dykes- LA Muscle Sponsor, Personal Trainer and Fitness Model
Beef Stew
by LA MUSCLE on 13.05.2009 12:22 pm
Warming recipe
Chard stems and leaves with Beef
by LA MUSCLE on 13.05.2009 11:48 am
Alternative recipe
Diced beef and fine herbs
by LA MUSCLE on 13.05.2009 10:53 am
Apetising beef dish
Cutlets and Potatoes
by LA MUSCLE on 08.05.2009 01:54 pm
Delicious & simple
Pole Dancing- A Man's World
by LA MUSCLE on 08.05.2009 12:29 pm
No longer a female only zone ?
Fillet Steak with Sage
by LA MUSCLE on 21.04.2009 04:47 pm
Mouthwatering, high protein feast
Lamb and Vegetable Kebabs
by LA MUSCLE on 21.04.2009 03:43 pm
Succulent and delicious
Celebrity Fitness Day...What happened?
by LA MUSCLE on 21.04.2009 01:02 pm
Find out at 8 p.m GMT April 23 '09 on LA Muscle TV
Interview with Darren Borg- 2008 NABBA World & Universe Junior Champion
by LA MUSCLE on 17.04.2009 12:21 pm
Darren talks about his inspiration, diet and training
Your chance to meet top celebs
by LA MUSCLE on 09.04.2009 04:33 pm
Tuesday 14th April - Be in London!
Caroline Pearce- Heptathlete and Gladiator ICE
by LA MUSCLE on 24.03.2009 11:22 am
Exclusive Interview
Supplements Counterfeiting
by LA MUSCLE on 17.03.2009 12:45 pm
How to buy original supplements
Reduce Stress, Build Muscle, Lose Fat
by LA MUSCLE on 14.03.2009 11:17 am
How to stop the Stress Hormone Cortisol from ruining your muscle building
The economy of supplements
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Protein rich diet that doesn't blow your budget
LA TV exclusively films the 3RUN Challenge!!!
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3 Months, 5 Subjects, 5 Different Goals
Natalie Bee interview before the BIG FIGHT on March 8th!!!
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Find out how she prepares to defend her belt
REAL Professional Catch-As-Catch-Can Submission Wrestlers!
by LA MUSCLE on 12.02.2009 04:47 pm
Shooters, Hookers, and Rippers by 'The Crippler' Chris Curtis
Warm Spinach Salad
by LA MUSCLE on 26.01.2009 10:08 am
Healthy and full of goodness
Feta & Pomegranate salad
by LA MUSCLE on 26.01.2009 09:59 am
Delicious funky salad


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