New research proves the incredible power of ZMA

Read the truth behind an amazing Male Hormone formula


A few years ago a strange discovery was made. This discovery led to the development of a special breed of supplements which used normal minerals in an unusual way to achieve new levels of muscle growth. Read below what this discovery was, how it evolved and how new research has shown it to be even more powerful than previously thought…

The birth of ZMA

Zinc plays a major role in many body functions including immune system, skin, hair health and more relevant to you, increasing muscle building hormone status, increasing strength and muscle size.

In 1999 a landmark study was done with a number of American football players who took a special mix of 2 minerals and 1 vitamin. This was a unique mix of Zinc (as Monomethionine), Magnesium (as Aspartate) and Vitamin B6. This "cocktail" was called ZMA and went on to become a registered Trademark and Patent-pending.

Since 1999, there have been number of studies that have further cemented ZMA as a significant formula for increasing Male Hormone levels, improving strength and muscle mass.

ZMA is quite unusual in that it is not a new discovery of some unknown herb in the Himalayas or the Amazon but a lot closer to home. 3 known substances, mixed in a very precise way and taken at very precise intervals.

The truth about the ZMA bandwagon

Once the effectiveness of ZMA became known, lots of companies started mixing zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 in any format and touting it as ZMA. Unfortunately for them, 2 things happened.

Firstly, their products didn't work. Secondly, they got sued by the producers of the original ZMA. Why should they spend the money and research on developing ZMA and others take advantage of this and make money on their back?

Companies can only use the ZMA mark in their products if they have paid the originators and Trademark holders for the licence. This is your first port of call if you want to know you are buying the proper ZMA.

The ZMA Grades and purity levels
Vitamins and minerals come in many different forms and grades. Most are food grade and lots of them are bought from places like China for not a great deal of money. Are you getting a good ZMA product for the £10-£20 mark? You are probably getting a low grade zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 pill but it is not going to be the ZMA that will live up to the science.

LA Muscle's ZMAX is FDA-approved, USA-produced and supercharged with added ingredients

Originall ZMAX

LA Muscle's ZMAX contains ZMA and has been a world-wide best selling Male Hormone booster for a decade. That is a very long time to be at the top and there is a good reason for that. ZMAX works. You buy it time and time again because it lives up to and goes way above the ZMA name.

ZMAX takes the proven ZMA formula and catapults it to a whole new level using a proprietary formula.

ZMAX's precise formula means that as far as boosting Male Hormone goes, you can rely on it to produce results no matter what your age, background or experience. ZMAX is a natural supplement and has zero side effects.

Recent research proves the effectiveness of a formula that is unmatched

The area of sports supplementation is a grey one as very little research is done on supplements. Only the bigger companies like LA Muscle spent the R&D money to develop cutting edge formulas and back it up with science.

Over the last decade LA Muscle has performed a number of clinical in-house trials on ZMAX. These trials have shown various results from "noticeable" increases in Male Hormone levels to "significant" boosts in muscle and strength over a 4 week period.

More recent analysis shows subjects with no additional Male Hormone supplementation for 4 weeks prior to taking ZMAX to have gained significant benefits from this product.

If your goal is to build strength and muscle size, safely and naturally, using your own body's resources, then ZMAX is a powerful, safe and proven supplement that guarantees to deliver results.



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Norateen Testo 247 DAY

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311 BCAAs

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