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Vitamins, minerals & supplements to get banned!

Time is running out!


Did you know that there are plans to ban sales of Vitamins, minerals and all other supplements? I am not joking and I am not out of my mind. As unbelievable as this sounds, if some very strong bodies get their way you and I cannot buy "any" supplements over the counter any more.

Europe and America are about to pass laws which will make all supplements available to the public only on a "doctor's prescription"! This law is expected to come into effect in the next few years. As a major player in the supplements industry and provider of quality supplements, LA Muscle feels obligated to bring this to your attention. Some people have begun to realise just what a ridiculous idea this is and have started taking positive steps. As for the majority of the population, well they don't even know what plans "Big Brother" has for them.

In this article I will reveal to you just who is really behind this astonishing movement and what YOU can do about it. This is not just about you, it is something that will affect everyone including future generations.


Who do you think are the rulers of the world? The US President? The British Prime Minister? Sadam? Try the bosses of Cigarette companies and media tycoons. Then try the bosses of the big pharmaceutical giants; and of course the drug barons. These are the real players in the world.

For our purposes, we are going to concentrate on the pharmaceutical industry. This industry is notorious for manipulating the "world" through drugs and doctors.

Have you ever thought why the Complementary Medicine field has never really taken off? Is it because things like Accupuncture, Reflexology and herbalism don't work? Of course not; they have a tremendous success rate. The reason why they are not popular, is because they are not "allowed" to become popular.

What would happen if a Reflexologist treated your nagging back pain with a few sessions of massaging your feet? What would happen if an accupuncturist treated your long-term arthritis with a couple of needles? What would happen is that your need for your doctor and all the "drugs" would be non-existent. This is a real threat to the pharmaceutical industry and why they are so against anything which is non-drug related.

Did you eve hear the rumour about how the "high cholesterol" saga started? They say that in the sixties a pharmaceutical company was trying to sell its anti-cholesterol drugs to the mass market. It looked at a food consumed by the masses (egg) and came up with the idea of the egg yolk being high in cholesterol. This put a great deal of people at risk of the "high cholesterol" and in need of the drug. Talk about power!


Over the last few decades more and more people have realised the advantages of supplementing their diets with various vitamins, minerals and other supplements. This has resulted in less and less people resorting to "pharmaceutical" drugs prescribed by their doctors for their problems.

Many people now use supplements for every day problems which would normally need "medicinal cures". People use Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea for colds. They use St Johns Wort for depression, rendering popular commercial drugs worthless. They use Glucosamine Sulphate for arthritis and so on.

It seems that this massive shift in public awareness of supplementation has now become too much of a threat to the pharmaceutical industry. The use of supplements has become a very real threat to the very existence and profit-making ways of pharmaceutical companies. They talk about side effects from supplements. What about all the side effects from drugs? How many people have died from supplements use? How many people have died and become worse off from drug-use? Did you know that every year up to 160,000 people die from the use of properly prescribed prescription drugs and that's just in the US alone. Check out some VERY INTERESTING statistics here.

Also check out a very interesting graph here.


We as a population must be very stupid or extremely powerless. I mean what is going on when cigarettes are allowed to be sold legally and openly when they are "proven" to kill people? Alcohol is sold and consumed by a great percentage of the population, even though it is known to cause health and social problems. And yet we are this close to having our freedom to supplement our diets being taken away. What an absolute joke!


Unless every one of us takes an active role in what is being cooked up for us, we will face a future without supplements. You may take going into Boots and buying your vitamins and minerals for granted now. If Europe has its way, this will be a thing of the past.

Once again I reiterate, this article is NOT a scary article about some rumours. The bill for making "all" supplements "prescription only" is passing through the European Parliament at this very moment. Unless you do something about it, it will be too late.


Tell all your friends and relatives about this. The more people find out about what is happening the better. The pharmaceutical giants are hoping to have their way with as little publicity as possible.

You can read more about the background to this law here: "Defend Your Rights"

You can read about a worldwide petition here: "about the petition"

There is a petition against this unbelievable law. Sign it here.

Tell your MP about this. Make your views on this subject known. Act now before it is too late!






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