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On-line training camp

Linda Cusmano, Fitness pro's training camp


Women's Online Buff Camp

Filling a need

Fitness Camps are the entire craze but not everyone is able to take time or funds toward attending one of these camps. Aspiring Fitness Competitors are finding more options toward helping them compete which is a plus, but not all the options are viable for everyone. Many girls are looking for coaching to help them get lean and prepared but finding that most workshops are either too far away, too expensive or lacking in personalization.

Linda Cusmano has created an option that does not require travel or extra costs beyond your normal contest budget. The 'Women's Online Buff Camp' takes place regularly and is easy to join, easy to follow and full of motivation. Between your piers and Linda you get a Fitness Competitor boost regardless if you do compete or not.

Memberships are open to those who wish to participate on a basic level toward a fitter physique yet also there for those who are competing. This gives these women help through the competition process keeping them in check and on the ball.

"So you don't have to intend on competing to join but if you do you decide to try out a contest you will get tons of valuable help for a very small membership fee." Cusmano says.

What's included?

Linda explains, "Meal Plans and Workouts are given bi weekly for each member to follow. Simple exercises and some not so simple but all will be fully detailed as needed so that each member will be confident that they are performing a movement correctly. This program will ensure results but is a natural program with no coaching in the way of enhancement drugs or thermogenics. Because no one is the same, the meal plans and workouts are molded to your needs once you get it and express the desired adjustments. Those who have to work around food issues (vegetarians, food allergy, food sensitivity etc), injury or health issues, and equipment availability issues (needs to train at home with only a ball and band for example or their gym has only a few pieces of equipment) are going to find that this program is great as it is adjustable to all these needs and more." Linda will guide you from start to finish so that you never feel frustrated, confused or alone. There is constant contact through the member only message board, video clips and emails.

Linda continues, "Before the Camp begins each gaol has some info to supply regarding their history for exercise, diet and health. Once the needed forms are completed a few other guide tools are provided for physique assessment and benchmarking. Once the measurements are taken then each gal will take 'before' photos if they are comfortable with that of course, and the after photos are taken at a later date adding inspiration for future campers and competitors. Some of the body transformations are amazing and mind blowing especially from my older competitor clients."

"The atmosphere is amazing among these campers, very uplifting full of encouragement, with each gal taking their physique to the next level through safe and effective means." she laughs.

"Many tough decisions have to be made during competition prep and this is where you can get all the help you need making these tough choices. Deciding when to carb up or down, when to cut water or not, whether you should supplement what foods to eat and the best exercises for the results you desire, comprise some of the things that are to be considered."

That can become so overwhelming for someone especially when in many cases the friends and family can behave put off by the person who desires to compete. There are those who are lucky to have friends, partners or family who support them but the reality is in many cases the friends can act weird because of their own insecurities and question the food intake. The family begins to think there may be getting an eating disorder because they are not used to seeing people get lean for show and are accustomed to seeing people around them who have higher body fat ratios so they in turn become concerned. The husbands and boyfriends can have jealousy or other issues with it as well. Of course the hope if that everyone will support the athlete through her journey and with the camp members you know you have others dealing with the same stuff that can relate giving strength to each other.

The competing members looking will get help with available contest dates, contest supply contacts (suits, tan product, shoes, music) and even some exposure for those who want. You can do almost everything online.

Figure, Fitness Model and Fitness competitors have posing and walking to practice and will get full critique by Linda by submitting photos and video. Polishing of your routine and stage presence is also included.

The last week before competition is crunch time because that is when you get tanning questions, frazzled thoughts and last minute stuff to do so having guidance at that time is crucial.

What about non competitors?

Of the non competing members you get some tight physiques and happy campers. Working along with the same meal plans and workouts, these women achieve amazing results, looking like fitness models and some working harder for a bit more muscle so that they look more like Figure or Fitness competitors off season.

Everyone walks away feeling confident with their heads held high at their accomplishments. These gals feel healthy and leave with the information to help them keep it up for the rest of their lives. For many it is about lifestyle change. The lean down process is not utilized by those not competing since it is extreme and unnecessary for the off season or non competitor needs but this camp makes it easier for them and they will fulfill the buff body dream!!

Anyone interested in joining or finding out more can go to: Fitness Camp

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