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Martial arts training tips

By world champion Stephen Wells


Martial Arts Training guide

By world champion Stephen Wells

Training basics

Stephen WellsEvery type of training, no matter what sport it is, you have to do basics
constantly, they are the building blocks for improvement. Your basics are everything and must be practised all of the time to improve, always practise basic moves, your stances, hand techniques, foot techniques. Everything else will follow once your basics get to a high standard; never underestimate the importance of basics.

Flexibility in your muscles is important to be able to kick, bend and move in what ever position you need to, 10 minutes a day is all you need, the more flexible you are the easier, effortless and faster your kicks will be because you haven't got to force your leg to kick.

Balance, practise kicking on the spot without putting your foot down to the floor doing one leg combinations like roundhouse kick low, middle high and in different orders like high, low, middle, or 5 middle 5 high to improve focus and balance.

When doing techniques in training whether it's kicks, punches, elbows, knees etc make sure 110% effort is put in breathing properly. Start off slow doing proper technique then build the speed up and always put maximum speed and power in, using proper techniques, nothing sloppy. If you ever finish training and your body is not aching, you're not sweating and generally tired, you haven't trained properly, go and train again there's no excuse. If you want to be the best you can be you have to train to your maximum.

Fitness and diet

Generally the fitter you are the faster you can move and for longer periods of time, for better kicking you need to build up stamina in your legs so a lot of cycling, a session of spinning a week is good. The right type of muscle needs to be built up in your legs so when training your legs in the gym do high reps and low weights. Carbohydrates are very important; make sure around 6 hours before training you eat plenty of carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, rice, bread etc. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit, salad and vegetables to help with the correct digestion of carbohydrates into your body and muscles. Bananas are very good for extra energy and the potassium in bananas help with preventing cramp from the build up of lactic acid.

Make sure you stretch lightly after training to cool down properly.






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