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Why you get what you pay for with LA Muscle

Quality, service and peace of mind


Let’s say you are holidaying on a small island and there’s a fire and you MUST get off the island. You need to get to the big island and as fast as you can.

The choice is between

  1. A small dingy, operated by a guy from his shed who promises you that he can get you to the big island relatively fast. He has been around a few years and says that his dingy is almost as fast as the other big shiny boat. The advantage? He is much cheaper, though he can’t quite guarantee how long the trip will take or whether you will 100% get there.
  2. A big shiny Hovercraft operated by a firm that has been around over 20 years. The Hovercraft is much more expensive than the dingy but it can guarantee you an exact arrival time on the big island, it can take you with no discomfort along the way and if upon your speedy arrival you find that you didn’t like the journey, the speed or the comfort, you get all your money back.

Seriously, which one of the above would you go for? Surprisingly, quite a few people go for the dingy, mostly because they don’t have the money for the Hovercraft.

Now, what if you did have the money for the Hovercraft but you believed that the dingy “may” still get you there? You were willing to take the risk and save. Are you this sort of person? Is it worth risking wasting your money and not getting the result you desperately need?

The above may be a strange analogy but it is so true when it comes to LA Muscle supplements and other supplements. LA Muscle supplements are the Hovercraft above. They will GUARANTEE you a speedy journey to your goals and they come with 21 years’ experience and a 100% no questions guarantee.

You get what you pay for. Why take the risk? For a little bit more than the rivals, LA Muscle supplements come with so much more:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade (not just food grade)

  • Proper R&D testing and scientifically researched ingredients

  • Exclusive formulas developed and owned by LA Muscle and not just generic re-labelled supplements

  • An incredible first rate premium customer services experience with real people answering you and helping you within minutes

  • The fastest results from any supplements range

  • Over 21 years’ developing supplements and supplying millions of people in over 100 countries

  • 100% no questions money back guarantee on all LA Muscle supplements

When you HAVE to get to your goal, there is only one logical choice for your sports nutrition and that is LA Muscle. In fact, many athletes sponsored by other supplements companies come to LA Muscle when it’s competition time or when they don’t want to leave anything to chance! Now, that says it all!



Cap Limited Edition Gold

Cap Limited Edition Gold

Very Limited Edition of just 150 Gold Caps


Liver and Colon Detox

Liver and Colon Detox

9 ingredient formula to get you cleansed, detoxed and burning fat!

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Double the size in half the time
$161.54  $201.90
You lose weight & keep muscles, Patented & Certified, 100% guaranteed
Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Nitric Oxide
The best protein your money can buy, giving you lean gains with no bloating
Powerful Pharma Supplement
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