How to overcome lack of motivation

Advice on how to be more motivated in all aspects on your life


How To Overcome Lack of Motivation

Some people are eternal optimists. They see the good in life, everything is rosy and they are motivated to set goals, get things done and move forward achieving more and more. Others find misery and negativity in the smallest things and are forever making up excuses and finding ways of reinforcing negativity and "gloom"!

What's the secret? How is it that some people are "so" motivated? Let's try and find out…

Where does motivation come from?

On a simple level, motivation comes from your brain. The right impulses and thoughts can gear you towards positive living and having lots of motivation. On a more advanced level, nutrition and surroundings can also play a vital role in your motivational levels.

Considering the above, certain things can make the difference between being highly motivated and not motivated at all. Let's take a closer look an each individual motivational triggers.


If you are not feeding your body or your mind, then you will not have energy and you will lack zest and drive. This is so very important and many people fail to realise this.

Someone who is starving their body or not eating a healthy balanced diet including many essential vitamins, minerals and even some levels of sugar, will lack drive and energy. It is important for you to eat a well balanced diet and make sure you are not missing out on meals.

You need complex and simple carbohydrates, proteins, good fats and a multitude of vitamins and minerals every day. Pay attention to your diet. You will find simple things such as eating pasta will give you more motivation and drive.

Goal setting

In life you need a destination, a map and means of transport. Putting this in context, you need to set a goal for yourself. This applies to ALL aspects of your life. You will find that the minute you set a goal and you write it down on paper, things become clearer.

Once you have a goal, you can then go about writing down ways of getting there. This will be your map. Your map can also guide you on how "best" to get there.

If you have a goal, a "way" and a medium, then you will be motivated to just go for it. Unmotivated people very often don't know what they want. Motivated people on the other hand know exactly what they want and how to get it. You have a choice. Choose to specify a goal and a way of achieving it. It really is simple once you get in that frame of mind.

Ignore negativity

Keep well away from negativity and negative people. Don't compare yourself to others and don't let negative people sap your energy. Lots of people love to moan and complain and go on about how tough life is and how difficult things are. Ignore them. Just remember that for lots of other people life is fun and full of enjoyment.

You have a choice in life. You can choose to let people with negative energy affect you or you can stay well away from them and surround yourself with positive people. You can learn from these people and let them help you in achieving more out of life.

Help yourself in any way you can

Nothing encourages motivation more than seeing quick results in your chosen paths. Sometimes you may be motivated to do something but when you don't see results, you quickly lose motivation and it then becomes more difficult to motivate yourself.

This is why it is important for you to be smart and try and get ahead by manipulating anything you can to see quicker results. Here are some examples:

Fat burning = Your motivation will be a lot higher if you saw quicker results, right? Ok then, use a fat burner.

Attracting the opposite sex = You would be a lot more motivated if you had success from day one, right? Ok, lower your standards a little bit and go out there and start. Remember, winning starts with beginning.

Leading a healthier lifestyle = You may not have time, energy or the means to live a healthier lifestyle. You can motivate yourself by doing at least "something" however small. For example, you can change one meal a day to a healthier one. Start. Just do it. Start and you will be on your way.

Reinforce positive thoughts

Most of us have had good experiences and bad experiences. You can either choose to remember the bad ones and see yourself as a failure and life as an uphill struggle or you can constantly reinforce the good ones and see life as a great experience.

It is your "thoughts" that dictate your day. Start the day with goals and a positive mental attitude. See and imagine yourself as a "motivated" individual. If you do this often enough, you WILL be that motivated individual. Try it and see for yourself. The brain believes and acts on what it perceives to be reality. Make your reality a motivated, positive and driven one.

Observe motivated people and you will often see certain common characteristics. These are not specific to just them. Anyone can be more motivated. You just have to be motivated to be motivated. :) Good luck!



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