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The dangers of energy gels

A must read article for all sports-persons


Energy gels are incredibly popular these days but can you actually do your body more harm than good by having them?

Nowadays there are a huge number of options when it comes to improving performance and recovery, especially when it comes to endurance events. Energy Gels are a very popular choice as they are convenient, fast and often quite effective.

When racing, your body relies on Carbohydrates as its primary source of fuel. The problem is that muscles cannot store a great deal of fat. Typically they can store between 90-120 minutes depending on the level of activity. Energy Gels can be a great “booster” when it comes to endurance events.

Energy Gels


Some energy gels contain the wrong amount or combination of carbohydrates. This can mean that although they may give you a quick energy boost, they may subsequently make you lethargic and hazy - which is the last thing you want mid-race! Timing of your energy gel ingestion is important but if your gel has not been researched and tested thoroughly and the carb mixture is wrong, you won’t be able to avoid the drag which comes after the boost. In this case an unproven energy-gel is probably going to make things worse.


Many energy gels can give you digestion problems. The “runs” after a race is a well-known phenomena for people who have taken certain energy gels during a race. You can try and avoid this by having a smaller amount of gel at regular intervals, especially early on but if the gel is not the correct one, you may not be able to avoid digestion issues at the end of the race - so have a toilet handy.


Many gels contain way too many stimulants such as caffeine. Whilst this is fine when you need a bit of a kick, it can seriously interfere with your body and well-being. Too many stimulants can cause palpitations, anxiety and insomnia. Wanting a “kick” is all fine but at what cost?


This is more a problem with many food items these days but worth mentioning that a cheap energy-gel that has not gone through rigorous testing may have the plastic of the packaging interfering with the content. Scientists believe that the excess oestrogen found in males these days is partially as a result of the increase exposure to plastic in our foods. If you are a regular consumer of energy gels, make sure you find a reputable supplier. LA Muscle’s packaging has won awards due to its high quality and the way it preserves the contents within.


Energy gels are best taken with water. This allows them to get digested more efficiently and provide the required results. Never take them with energy drinks which will interfere with the actual gel and possibly provide too much sugar or stimulants.

LA Muscle’s Energy Gels have just been voted “Best Buy” by 220 Triathlon Magazine. These gels have been thoroughly tested and are the very best your money can buy. You get the right combination of carbohydrates, reasonable amount of caffeine as a stimulant without the unnecessary side-effects and amino acids for recovery. If you take the right energy gel, you will find that it really helps your stamina and endurance and you won’t want to race without them. Not all energy gels are created equal. Trust in the award-winning LA Muscle Energy Gels if you want results and no side effects.




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