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The truth about the super supplement Citrulline

Find out how it can help your performance, strength and muscle growth


Citrulline is an important amino acid for you to consider...

Citrulline is a non essential amino acid. Citrulline in the natural world can be found in melons, watermelons and apples - though you would have to eat a lot of them to get enough Citrulline for boosting athletic performance. Clinical research on Citrulline demonstrates an increase in energy and well being, however Citrulline can do a lot more for athletes and body builders.

Citrulline is a key player in the blood flow game. Increasing blood flow can increase gym pumps, strength and muscle mass. Citrulline can relax blood vessels, ensuring delivery of more blood and nutrients.

Citrulline has the ability to reduce lactic acid build up. This is crucial for athletic performance and for training recovery. Lactic Acid slows you down and causes poor performance. Anything which can reduce it or act as a buffer will increase athletic performance, strength and muscle mass. Citrulline can do this!

Citrulline further increases energy and ATP levels. Similar to Creatine, as well as being a lactic acid buffer, Citrulline can be a super-charger of energy levels.

The effects of Citrulline have been considered to be similar to two of the most important amino acids for athletes and bodybuilders, Arginine and Ornithine.

Does Citrulline help fight physical and mental exhaustion? Does it help sexual dysfunction?

There is clear evidence that Citrulline can help fight against physical exhaustion. Not only that, but it has the ability to increase strength, muscle mass, improve recovery and help you in the gym.

Whether Citrulline can help mental exhaustion or sexual dysfunction is open to debate. Many users of Citrulline do report positive results with regards to Citrulline helping with the areas of mental power and sexual power. On paper, it can do this.

What can Citrulline do for you?

Taking Citrulline before your workouts will without a doubt increase your gym pumps and muscle contractions, which in turn trigger more muscle growth. Taking Citrulline alongside other performance enhancing nutrients like Creatine can further boost their effects and your performance. Citrulline can enhance strength and will ensure that you don't get tired in the gym.

Make sure you get your hands on a Citrulline supplement. LA Muscle's Vasculator is a superior Citrulline supplement with a scientific formulation consisting of Citrulline and 3 other researched ingredients to give you the very best results in and out of the gym.




Norateen® II

Norateen® II

Powerful hormone-free muscle-builder, OK for IOC Athletes


Norateen Protein

Norateen Protein

LA Whey Gold 50g protein, Testosterone Boosters, Creatine, Inulin for healthy digestion

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