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Up close and personal with World Champion Ben Agboke

Info and Vital Stats!


Brief personal Profile

  • Name - Ben Agboke
  • Age - 29. Date of birth 11/02/72
  • Qualifications - 9 GCSEs, 3 A' Levels, BSc. (hons) degree in Environmental Science and PGCE
  • Occupation - School Teacher
  • Birthplace - London
  • Height - 6 ft ½ inches
  • Off season weight - 17½ to 18 stones
  • Pre-Contest weight - 15½ to 16 stones
  • Family details - I'm of Nigerian descent. I live with my Fiancée Jennifer. I have 2 younger and 2 older brothers and 3 older sisters (yes I'm one of many!). All my brothers have big legs.

Contest history (Heavyweight category, ANB competitions unless stated otherwise)

  • Debut - 3rd South Eastern Qualifier 1996 May
  • 1st South Eastern Qualifier 1998 Aug
  • 4th British Finals 1998 Oct
  • 2nd European Championships (Spain) 1999 March (UIBBN)
  • 7th British Finals 1999 Oct
  • 4th South Eastern Qualifier 2000 Aug
  • 1st Central England Qualifier 2000 Oct
  • 1st British Finals and Overall title 2000 Oct
  • 1st World Championships (Holland) 2000 Nov. (UIBBN)

My 2000 Season:

  • When I came 4th at the ANB South East I was a little disappointed but not despondent. This competition for me was my first of the season and I was experimenting with my new pre-contest regime.
  • I was obviously elated when I won the ANB Central. I had tweaked my new pre-contest regime slightly after placing 4th at the ANB South East.
  • When I became the British heavyweight champion I was ecstatic. It was for me 'mission accomplished'. I knew that if I got my pre-contest formula right I would be in with a good chance of winning.
  • Winning the Overall title was the icing on the cake, I was overcome with emotion and glad that I had finally really proven myself.
  • Winning the UIBBN heavyweight world title in Holland was truly a sensational feeling. It was great to have the opportunity to represent the country and do well in the process.

Off-season training:

I train 5 times a week and I train with light, medium and heavyweights depending on how I feel and what exercise I'm doing. I stick to basic compound movements such as squats and deadlifts.

Mon - day off
Tues - chest, abs and skipping
Wed - lower back, hamstrings and biceps
Thurs - day off
Fri - shoulders, triceps and abs
Sat - quads and calves
Sun - back and running.

Pre-contest training:

My pre-contest training is very similar to my off-season training. The main differences are the inclusion of more isolation exercises and 2 more cardio sessions. I train six times a week in the pre-contest phase.


I like reading, listening to music, playing pool and soccer.


I do not have any idols but I admire anyone who gives 150% effort to whatever it is they are trying to achieve.

Inspirational bodybuilders:

I'm inspired by any true natural athlete - Mike Williams (British and World Natural masters Champion), Andy Palmer and Nigel Davis (WNBF Professionals) spring to mind. All of these gentlemen are great natural bodybuilders.

Role models:

I feel that as a school teacher and a bodybuilder I am a good role model for children. Hopefully they will see that education and sport are complimentary to each other and that it's important to have a balance of both for good mental and physical health.
Future goal - My aim for the 2001 season is to obtain professional status.



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