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Creatin' a Savin'

Feeling the pinch? Here's another idea on how to save money on your supplements


One of the oldest and most trusted supplements around is creatine, yet in these hard economic times this super supplement has become harder to afford. Well not at LA Muscle and here’s why:

£££ Save Money on Supplements £££

A 1kg tub of Creatine Instant 1KG will cost £49.99, but in view of the offer ‘Buy 3 for £120’ you and 2 friends could buy it together and pay only £40 each, meaning each person saves £9.99.
Then you can save even more money by ordering online, since online orders get a 2.5% discount, meaning 3 tubs of Creatine Instant 1KG would cost you £117 altogether, or £39 each meaning each person saves a MASSIVE £10.99!

£££ Save Money on Food £££

As aforementioned you can get a 1kg tub of Creatine Instant 1KG for as little as £39! That’s incredible value for a top quality creatine; allow me to put that into perspective if you were to get this creatine through food alone:

There is roughly 5 grams of creatine in 1 kilogram of red meat. Which means you would have to buy 200 kilograms of red meat to get 1 kilogram of creatine monohydrate. This is the equivalent to the meat available on 2 whole cows. So in view of this, you have 3 options:

Option 1 ~
You can buy 200 kilograms of red meat from your local butcher, and at £5 for a kilo of Creatine instant by LA Musclebeef that would cost you £1000 and would take you a while to eat.

Option 2 ~
Alternatively you could buy rear and kill your own cows but at £700 a cow that means you will have to pay £1,400 plus they would make a mess of your garden.

Option 3 ~
Lastly and perhaps wiser you could just buy a kilogram of LA Muscle’s creatine instant for £39, it would be cheaper and a lot less hassle.

£££ Other Ways to Save Money £££

Save on your water bill by going to the toilet in your garden, you wont have to flush the toilet ever again and your plants become fertilised for free




Fat Buster

Fat Buster

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Holdall Sports Bag

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