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SWORD competing in the NABBA 2002

Pictures and commentary


More of Nav (Sword) here.

The NABBA South East was held at the Beck Theatre in West London and was attended by some of the LA Muscle Team. In attendance were Parham, Nick, Jamie (Mr New Zealand), Nicky and Sonbol.

LA Muscle went to the NABBA to support its sponsored bodybuilder, Nav. Nav is a young guy who is relatively new to bodybuilding and competition. He competed last year and since then has been working hard to improve his physique and mix it with the big boys. At 5 feet 4 inches, Nav was by far not the tallest competitor at this year's championships. It also didn't help that NABBA at the last minute decided to rank everyone not by weight, but by height!

Many competitors would have pulled out at hearing such a dramatic change, but Nav decided to stick it out and compete according to height.

The turnout for this event was relatively good. Having said that the "Juniors" was cancelled, as there were not enough competitors there. The Miss Fitness also had only 2 competitors there! Think about this ladies, if you had decided to compete in this event and you had come last, you would have still been 3rd at the NABBA Miss Fitness, which is not a bad title!

We couldn't believe how much Nav's body had improved since last year. He has been on a heavy training and supplements regime and it seems to have really paid off. Admittedly, Nav's legs still let him down, but just look at this guy's back, chest and arms! He blew much more experienced competitors away!

Coming up to the competition, Nav was on a secret cocktail of some of LA Muscle's most powerful supplements. He was taking so much Bio_Activator prior to the competition that we were seriously considering giving him shares in LA Muscle. As for fat-burning, Nav was taking Sculpt, Nobese and Fatstripper. Nav was very disciplined on his diet just before the competition (except just one crazy cheating moment with a Fruit & Nut bar a day before!).

After all the training, dieting, hard work and cheering from the audience, Nav placed a respectable 3rd. Considering his age, experience and height, this was a good result. Watch out for this man in the coming years. He will be a big name, if we can keep him away from the Fruit & Nut bars! For his next competition, we are going to take him away to a secluded hut in Scotland, where there won't be any sweet shops for miles!

Pictures of Nav 2 days after competing at the SE NABBAs

It seems that you just can't get enough of Nav! Since reporting on how Nav placed at the NABBAs, we have received many emails requesting more of Nav. In a way, we can't blame you! For someone who has only been training for 2 years, Nav has an amazing body and shows great potential.

We had a brief chat with Nav at this photo-shoot. He is very humble and down to earth. This man lives for training and is extremely disciplined. He even gave up his girlfriend for 4 weeks prior to his last competition (rather extreme, but what the heck!).

Nav loves to train his back, chest, shoulders and arms and it shows. However last year he realised that to be able to place high amongst the competition, you need an overall physique. He trained hard and heavy and he is now definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Nav is a natural poser and great to work with. Very few bodybuilders have the ability to look natural in front of the camera. Nav knows his body well and any pose he strikes is almost perfect and doesn't need further directions.

Following his high placing at the NABBA, Nav is taking a year out to put more size on and come back even bigger and more ripped.

Nav is LA Muscle's featured bodybuilder in several LA Muscle adverts, as a result of which he has been approached by several companies for modelling work. Just goes to show that a good body, regardless of height can get you noticed.




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