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The IFBB Rome Pro Invitational 2003

Another LA Muscle exclusive. Check out the full report and lots of photos from this prestigious event, attended by some of the world's best-known bodybuilders and fitness models. ONLY ON LAMUSCLE.COM!

By on 18.01.2009 11:23 am


The last weekend in March saw the Rome Pro-Invitational show in Rome, Italy. This was a new show organised by veteran bodybuilder, fitness model and photographer Alex Ardenti. LA Muscle went along to this event to bring you coverage of what was either going to be the biggest flop of the year or the biggest success story. As it happened, this show was a great success with some real superstars there. You had the likes of Jay Cutler guest posing, Markus Ruhl was there, Ernie Taylor, Dexter Jackson, Amy Fadhli and the list goes on. We have full pictures coming up in the following pages.

The Background

There aren't enough hardcore shows in Europe, so let's not question Alex on why he decided to organize this event. Alex Ardenti is well known in the US and Italy and from the show itself you can see that he has some heavy-duty contacts.

The Venue

The show was held in Fiera di Roma, which was at the end of Via Cristoforo Columbo on the south side of Rome. This is not the easiest place to get to or get out of. The venue was absolutely massive, spread out over a number of halls, warehouses and theatres.

There weren't too many supplement companies there, but you can expect that with a new show. If you could actually imagine the size of the place, then you would understand that the organisers did a very good job making it busy. You could probably get 50,000 people more there with space to spare!

The Weekend

The event was over Saturday and Sunday. There were boxing shows, guest posers, seminars, the Expo and of course the main event. As you will see from the photographs this was a very "sexy" event. Somehow every Italian show we go to is a very sexy event, whether it is powerlifting, martial arts or bodybuilding.

We met a great deal of the top pros and as usual got to get the background on just how they really are. You would just be so surprised if you saw some of these people in real life. The biggest bodybuilders on the plant can be as rude or moody as you can imagine or the most beautiful fitness model can be as friendly as your neighbour. If you get the chance ever, go to some of these shows please. You will get motivated and they can be a real eye-opener.

The Show

The organisers certainly added a nice touch to the show: just before the main event, there was a collection of the greatest moments from some of the best muscle movies of all time, like Rambo, Rocky, Conan, Commando and so on. It kinda' got you going before the main event.

As for the show, well "wow" is the only word! If anyone expected these guys to show up out of shape, then they were in for a big surprise! As you can see from the photos, there was some real beef on stage.


We really couldn't fault the show except for the "location" of the venue with regards to public transport. Otherwise this show was top quality and if it is on next year, make sure you get yourself to Rome because you will have a fantastic time. Think about it, if it was so good at its inception, it can only get better. Well done Alex Ardenti and all the other organisers and well done to all the athletes who showed up making this a memorable weekend.


  1. Darrem Charles USA
  2. Marcus Ruhl Germany
  3. Dexter Jackson USA
  4. Claude Groulx Canada
  5. Troy Alves USA
  6. Ronny Rockel Germany
  7. Heiko Kallbach Germany
  8. Lee Powell England
  9. Omid Parsa Sweden
  10. Josten Oedegaarden Norway
  11. Giuseppe Albi Italy
  12. Christian Lobarede Chili
  13. Stan McCrary USA
  14. Dan Pechanek Czech
  15. Aliso Maria Curacao 16 Arnaud Plaisant France





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