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EFBB South Coast 2004, Report & Photos

Exclusive photos of the EFBB South Coast. This is the qualifier for the EFBB finals.

By on 18.01.2009 11:23 am


Well done to Mark Cameron for winning his class at this show and the NABBA South Coast and Overall titles the previous week. Mark has improved tremendously and is a major contender for the finals.

Congratulations also to Marina Cornwall who won her class also.

Report below by Paul Smith, the show organiser. For photos, go to the bottom of this page and click Next Page.

The EFBB South Coast was held at the Portsmouth Guildhall on Sunday 11th April 04. This is the most impressive venue of a bodybuilding show next to the Grand Prix at Wembley. There is a massive stage and professional sound and lighting. The venue can seat over 2000 people and we had just over 1000 in attendance. There were also trade stands for supplements and clothing.

The pre judging started at 1pm and there were 41 competitors in total. After the pre judging at 5.30 there was a seminar and question and answer session with Markus Ruhl. The evening show started at 7pm. The lights dimmed and shots rung out on stage above the theme tune to 007. The look-alikes Jaws and odd jobb walked across the stage firing shots into the audience. The lights came on and Mini me (not much over 3ft!!!) came running out through jaws's legs (7ft2) and head-butted oddjob then turned around and punched jaws in the bollocks. They both limped off stage and Kerry Kayes was dragged on by Mini Me. There was a very high standard of competitor and a great atmosphere due to the large crowd. Before the interval we had Sam the Man on stage as our first guest spot with an amazing routine that was very popular with the audience, then Vinnie Graham who lost his leg in a car accident and also a best upper body competition for the kids with easter eggs as prizes, they were also joined on stage by mini me and the UK Pitbulls the heaviest uk tag team(one of them weighing in at over 40 stone!!)

After the interval we also had Simon Robinson and Mike King as guest spots. This being Mike Kings first time on stage in 3.5 years due to injury. He was looking huge and in great shape.

After the overall that was won again (2nd year running) by Rob Hill, owner of Body 2 Body in Bath, we had Markus Ruhl on stage (flown in from Germany just for this show). The crowd looked stunned. Markus was looking massive and is definitely one of the most popular bodybuilders at this time. He went off stage and the crowd went crazy. He came back on joined by Vinnie, Simon and Mike. He was off the stage and into the audience who were on their feet and were all trying to get as close as possible.

The day was a great success and the feedback already from the audience has been great. This is the only show in this country that is run in this way. I believe the pre judging has to be run for the judges but the evening show has to be for the audience and has to be entertaining. If you can draw such a massive crowd you know you can afford to have Markus flown in from Germany and supported by another 4 guest spots. The evening was made more enjoyable also with appearances by Jaws, Oddjob, Mini Me and The UK Pitbulls. There was also free facepainting for the kids and anyone under 16 was allowed in free. The price has stayed the same at £10 entry for all day. I don't run this show for a profit, I aim to break even and I can promise you any money left over will be put back into next years show. I would ask anyone who came to the show and enjoyed it to tell as many people as possible so next year can be even bigger. That also goes for anyone who has competed at the Portsmouth show, please tell any other competitors how well organised the show is.

Thanks for your support and hope to see you again next year (Easter Sunday)



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