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sPECtacular Chest

Tips on how to get a fab chest


Name of Chest muscle ~ Pectoralis Major

Other names ~ Pecs, Chest, Man Boobs, Moobs

3 Pec Facts

  • The Pectoralis major muscle is located at the front/upper part of the chest and is a thick ‘fan-shaped’ muscle that makes up the bulk of the chest muscles
  • The pecs are used in almost all ‘pushing’ movements
  • No Pecs means No Sex

Weight Training

To develop and specifically target the pectoralis major muscle, perform press ups or the bench press with a wide grip (wider than ‘shoulder width’.) This ensures there is less of a bend in the elbow, therefore taking the emphasis away from the triceps and exercising the pectoralis major more.


To increase muscle mass you have to create an ‘energy surplus’ this is just a fancy way of saying ‘you need to eat more calories than you use. One way of ensuring you get good quality calories is by eating adequate essential fatty acids, such as those found in nuts, peanut butter and avocados. Not only does this ensure you create an energy surplus but essential fatty acids are important in opening hormone pathways (i.e. needed for efficient male hormone production.)

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular training is great for losing body fat, but if you want to keep all the lovely muscle you have just built, make sure the cardiovascular is low intensity (I.e. 55% - 75% of your maximum work rate.) Since this ensures the majority of calories ‘burnt’ come from fat and not muscle.


As well as the training and nutrition advice given, try the supplement Norateen Heavyweight II from LA Muscle- this natural male hormone booster has been proven to increase both the size and strength of the person taking it. Thus when combined with an exercise regime and good diet, can greatly increase the size of the chest.



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