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The UK's Creatine history

When the Creatine revolution was at its height


In 1997 when the Creatine revolution was at its height, there were only a few UK supplements companies around; probably no more than 5 major companies. LA Muscle was one of them.
What most of these companies were doing was manufacturing Creatine Monohydrate and cashing in on the Creatine Craze.

LA Muscle’s R&D team were working on a revolutionary new Creatine formula. LA Muscle was not in a rush to release a Creatine formula as it wanted to get it right and come up with something truly unique. After 2 years of lab and real world work, LA Muscle launched Explosive Creatine, an exclusive formula that took the UK by storm.

Explosive Creatine was very different in that it was the UK’s first “delivered” Creatine formula. Whilst most companies were giving you Monohydrate and telling you to mix it with anything (water, milk and juice), LA Muscle invested the money into researching an amazing stand-alone formula.

Explosive Creatine contained the right amount of Creatine. Not too little (so it wouldn’t work) and not too much (so it would turn to waste products or cause possible harm). This right amount of Creatine was mixed with the correct amount of dextrose for the all essential inulin spike. The delivery of the Creatine was supercharged with Taurine (way before Red Bull put it in their drinks), L-Arginine and Sodium/Potassium Phosphates. Expensive stuff but worth every penny.

At that time, Muscle & Fitness Magazine said Explosive Creatine by LA Muscle was “up to 300% more effective than all other Creatines" it had tested.

You see, when you have an amazing, world-class formula that works in an incredible way for everyone, you would be a fool to mess around with it. Since 1997, many supplements companies have come and gone and there have quite literally been hundreds of so-called “best” or “advanced” Creatine formulas. Most are no longer around.

Explosive Creatine is still as popular as ever. It mixes instantly in a delicious Squash-like drink and gives you everything you expect from an LA Muscle formula. Explosive Creatine has been known to put as much as 10 lbs of muscle on some people in as little as a week. It gives you energy. It gives you power in the gym. It gets you big and it keeps on giving. It also comes with LA Muscle’s 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, you don’t pay - even if you have used the whole tub!

It’s 2015 now. Try Explosive Creatine today and see for yourself why it is THE BEST Creatine formula with years of proven results.

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