Why are we getting fatter?

A scientific look at CLA and obesity.


There is no doubt about the fact that society as a whole is getting fatter. The major cause of this is the high saturated-fat and carbohydrate diet of today. However, there could be another reason. Read on...

The amount of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in our diets has been lowered due to changes in the way we eat and in how farmers are raising their cattle. This can be seen in that we are consuming less CLA and we are also seeing a large increase in obesity.

CelluliteOver the last 30 years, people worldwide have made a fundamental change in the foods they eat. In an effort to guard against the negative effects of heavy fat intake, people now eat significantly less beef and dairy fats than they did just a few years ago. Despite all of this, people are steadily gaining weight. In the United States alone, the number of Americans who are at least 20 pounds overweight has grown from 25% in 1985 to more than 34% today.

People could only get CLA from the foods they eat. CLA is found in a variety of foods in very small amounts; beef and dairy fats contain the largest quantities. When cattle eat grass, which is rich in linoleic acid, their digestive tract converts the linoleic acid into conjugated linoleic acid, a different molecule. The quality and amounts of CLA have generally been declining.

We get 80% less CLA in our diets today for two reasons. Today, cows are seldom pasture grazed. Instead, they are fed foods (grains and soy) which result in decreased CLA production. Secondly, we also eat less red meat and dairy fats, which also reduces the amount of CLA in our diets.

How CLA Works

Ripped AbsCLA "inhibits" the body's ability to store fat. A recent scientific study shows CLA's ability to inhibit lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme which breaks down fat globules in the blood so that fat cells can more readily absorb it and store it as body fat. The inhibition of lipoprotein lipase results in reduced fat deposition.

It "prompts" the body to use stored fats as energy

CLA increases the activity of hormone sensitive lipase which breaks down fats stored in fat cells and returns the fats to the blood stream to be used as an energy source. CLA causes previously deposited fat to be used for the energy needs of muscle cells and the liver.

The research in humans has shown a 20% reduction in body fat for those taking CLA. Participants in a 90-day study were administered 3 grams of CLA daily with meals. In a placebo-controlled study, the CLA group demonstrated a significant reduction in body fat from 21.3% to 17.5% with an average reduction of 7 pounds of fat. No change was seen with the placebo group. The benefits of less fat and increased muscle tone are numerous. People look trimmer, feel more energetic, and have decreased health risks.

The above is a scientific explanation for one of the reasons why people are getting fatter. LA Muscle's unique product Sculpt contains a dosage of CLA which is twice more powerful than the above study.

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