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Why is the modern world starving itself?

And what you can do to lose weight without starving


By: Nick Brightfoot

One of my mates came round to pick something up the other day. He came when my wife was cooking chicken and rice and the smell was all over the house. My mate was “starving” and as much as I insisted for him to stay with us and eat, he said he simply can’t. His excuse was that if he sees the rice, he will just have to eat it! I asked him what was the problem with that and he said he is on a carb-free/low-carb diet.

This got me thinking; actually, probably 50% or more of the people I know are on some sort of low-carb or no carb diet. We are basically starving ourselves in the hope that we will lose weight and the funny thing is that most of these “carb conscious” people either don’t lose any weight or pile it all back on a few months later.

The body needs carbs. No matter how much you deplete or cut carbs out, there will be a time for payback. It may not be this or next month but if you restrict carbs too much, sooner or later your body will over-compensate.

Carbohydrates are important! They give you energy, help your metabolism and reduce stress. Have you noticed that when you reduce carbs, you suffer from side effects? Whether it is lack of energy, blurred vision or becoming highly stressed and irritated, reducing carbs is not necessarily the answer when it comes to losing weight.

How is it that many many people do not reduce carbs and they have ripped, lean bodies? They don’t get the side effects of a reduced-carb diet and they don’t have to suffer when their friend invites them to eat?

The answer surprisingly is a simple one. Want to know what it is? Here you go:

These lean people who do not restrict their carbohydrates do 2 things. Firstly, they eat in moderation. They do not over-eat. The content of their plate is usually half of what you put on yours. They eat small but possibly more frequently. They do not starve themselves. They also do not snack on junk or rubbish. If they snack, they snack on fruit.

If you eat in moderation at the right times, without starving yourself and you do not snack on sugary junk, not only will you not need to reduce carbs, you will also have energy and nutrients and be healthier for it.

As I said to my friend, come to the table and eat but just reduce your portions. Eat a small portion of rice and a medium portion of chicken. Reducing overall eating will give you slower results in terms of weight loss but they will be more long-lasting. So you see, living in the modern world, you do not have to conform to this new modern way of reducing carbohydrates to stay slim. Eat healthier and smaller portions and you can eat a variety of foods including carbs.

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