Can your mind be making you fat?

Ways to get a better body by controlling your mind


If you are looking to lose fat or build muscle, this article will teach you a few secrets of the mind on how to get better results, quicker with minimum effort.

Pay attention
Your thoughts and your language can be influencing your body in a big way. Thoughts are those which are kept inside your head. Language is the way you express them to yourself (inner language) and to others (outer).

Are you saying to yourself and others that you are fat? Or that you are too skinny? Pay attention. Do you have a small amount of fat, yet you tell yourself and others that you are “fat”? Some women are quite good at this. They look great, yet they insist on saying they are fat.

Well, believe this: if you say it enough, you will eventually get there! The mind has a funny way of picking up on internal and external language and “facilitating” things!

Pay attention and catch yourself saying negative things, both in your head and to others.

You may ask, OK, what do I do once I have caught myself? Change your language. Try a few of the following:

Instead of saying “I am fat”, say: “I am on my way to losing more body fat”.
Instead of saying “I am too skinny”, say: “ I am building more and more muscle every day.”

You can even go a step further. Look at your body and see what you have that IS good or better than average. You may have some body fat but at the same time you may have great shoulders or great arms or great legs.
Focus on those.

Instead of saying “I am fat”, say something like “I am losing more fat every day and I have great arms which I am going to build up even more.” Doesn't that already sound so much better?

Your mind will govern your body
Many body building greats built their bodies using the power of the mind and internal and external language. Yes, they may have seen imperfections but that did not mean them blowing these out of proportion in their minds.

If you constantly say to yourself and others that you are fat, you are going to believe that you “are” fat and soon enough you will be fat or carry more body fat. On the other hand, you have the choice to do the total opposite.

Say to yourself that you are on your way to a great body. The body fat is disappearing and day by the day you are looking better and better.

“Catch” yourself saying negative things and “substitute” with positive words and soon this more positive language will become second nature. Your mind will believe that you have a great body with little fat and lots of muscle tissue – if that's your wish. Why will the mind believe this? Because this is ALL it keeps hearing every day!

A simple experiment to show you results
The next time you are about to bench or curl some weight, stop for a second. Imagine in your mind that you are Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman (or the most muscular person you have seen). Really picture them in your head and imagine you have their arms. Imagine your arms as powerful as theirs.
Now start your first rep with this momentum from your mind. You will see a tremendous increase in strength and willpower.

The mind is a powerful tool. Use it to your advantage. Start from today and make sure you eliminate all negative language and sentences, both internally and externally. You will reap the rewards in less than 4 weeks.



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